(Minghui.org) Three Falun Gong practitioners were illegally arrested for hiring attorneys to defend fellow practitioners who had been arrested in Shenyang last year for doing Falun Gong exercises in the park.

Mr. Tian Jinxin, 39 and Ms. Han Jing, 40 from Harbin City were arrested around 1 p.m. on May 17 by police from Shenyang City. Ms. Liu Yuhan was arrested around the same time in Shenyang.

This was an orchestrated arrest after months of monitoring the three practitioners, who had been traveling between Harbin and Shenyang in an effort to free their fellow practitioners.

In an attempt to hide what they were doing, the police put on plain clothes and removed the license plates from their police cars.

When Mr. Tian was being arrested, his neighbor asked why and the police replied: “He's a drug dealer.”

All three practitioners were detained at Shenyang No. 1 Detention Center. Their lawyers went to the detention center twice, but their meeting requests were denied. The police told them that the practitioners were being interrogated.

Coordinated Plan

Mr. Tian and Ms. Han were good friends with Ms. Fu Hui, the practitioner who was severely tortured after she was arrested on March 20, 2013.

While Ms. Fu was still in custody, they helped her mother. She nearly collapsed after being shown a photo of her daughter. Her daughter's face had been badly distorted as a result of being savagely beaten by the police.

Both practitioners frequently visited Ms. Fu's mother and accompanied her to go to the detention center in Shenyang several times to visit her. The detention center, however, never allowed the mother to see her daughter.

Ms. Liu Yuhan, the third practitioner arrested in May, has traveled back and forth between Harbin and Shenyang. She was trying to help free her sister, practitioner Ms. Liu Jinxia, who had been arrested earlier.

Their unremitting efforts to free the practitioners, however, caught the attention of the Shenyang Domestic Security Division.

The police monitored the three practitioners for over a month and finally arrested them.

One of the police officers said, “We spent quite a long time following him (Mr. Tian). If we don't arrest him, we cannot even have a break.”

The Arrest of Mr. Tian

Torture re-enactment: Forcible arrest

On his way home, Mr. Tian's car was blocked by a green jeep without a license plate. The police got out, dragged him out of the car, pushed him to the ground, handcuffed him and then shoved him into the jeep.

With the key they took from Mr. Tian, the police ransacked his home, taking with them the photo of Falun Gong's founder, Falun Gong books, two computers and Mr. Tian's two cellphones.

They also took Mr. Tian's household registration book, marriage certificate, and driver's license.

After wrapping up, the police put their license plate back on, turned on the siren, and drove back to Shenyang.

Meanwhile, local police brought Mr. Tian's wife, Ms. Zhou Li, to the police station for questioning. She was released that evening.

Ms. Han's Husband Confronts the Police

After arresting Ms. Han, the police searched her purse and confiscated her cellphones and some cash.

Plainclothes officers went to Ms. Han's home around 5 p.m. and opened the door with her key. Surprised by these unexpected visitors, Ms. Han's husband and son refused to let them ransack the house.

Trying to use his authority, one of the officers showed her husband a blank search warrant.

When the husband confronted the police, they shoved him. The son shouted at the police: “Don't hit my father!” One officer stood on the side and videotaped the event.

After negotiating with the police, the husband finally agreed to let one officer come in and take a look at their home. The officer didn't find anything and left.

Ms. Liu Arrested in Shenyang

Ms. Liu was arrested at her apartment in Shenyang. The police took away her computer, several cellphones, debit card and some cash. She spent a lot of time rescuing her sister in the past year, and now she has been arrested herself.

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Perpetrators' Contact Information:Ma Lixin (马立新), head of Shenyang Domestic Security Division: +86-15904065273, +86-24-23106005 (Office)Ma Zhanliang (马占良), head of Shenyang 610 Office: +86-24-23106006 (Office)Zheng Yunqi (郑允岐), procurator: +86-24-62199001, +86-24-88150911, +86-24-13804999108Shenyang Detention Center: +86-24-89241894