(Minghui.org) After reading articles by fellow practitioners on Minghui.org, I was moved by their diligence and understanding of the Fa. When sharing my understanding with a fellow practitioner, he asked, “Do you believe Dafa can work miracles?” The question surprised me. It implied that I lacked faith in the power of Dafa. Hence, I looked inward for the cause immediately.

Turning into a Fa Tool

“I want to tell you that whatever a practitioner uses, turns into a Fa tool. As practitioners we have power and our thoughts can defeat the evil. Evil people cannot touch us. For example, our thoughts can disable whatever tool the evil police officers use to monitor us. Furthermore, I don't have to worry about where or when I should use my cell phone,” the practitioner said.

He continued. “You might know Aunt Chen (assumed name) has lots of righteous thoughts. She has no fear. She carries her cell phone whether she attends a Fa sharing conference or a group Fa study. She has reached a high level in cultivation and is able to do a lot of work for Dafa. Quite a few practitioners criticize her for not paying attention to security. I think these people should learn to be less critical of others.”

Using Level of Cultivation as Argument

I wondered about what he said and asked, “On Minghui.org paying attention to security has been emphasized several times. Teacher asked us to pay attention to what was stated on Minghui.org.”

He replied, “That is the viewpoint of fellow practitioners on Minghui.org. These practitioners are not at a high level.”

When I tried to discuss the issue further, he said that the real problem was that my level was too low. I needed to look inward to find out what was my real problem.

Digging Deeper into the Issue

I read the entire copy of a Minghui Weekly. There was an article about ten practitioners being arrested in the Shandong Province. It stated that it was through the monitoring of phone conversations between practitioners that the police officers were able to make the arrest. The police learned of the specific date and time when the practitioners would arrive at Gaomi City to distribute DVDs.

This shocked me and I remembered that many practitioners in my area and elsewhere were not paying attention to security issues. They even looked down on practitioners who work for Minghui.org and ignored the Fa Teacher gave about security. I think their belief that they are at a high level in cultivation is a misinterpretation of the Fa.

Further study of the Fa indicates that regardless of how great you were doing in the past, you must continue to use the Fa as your guidance. “If you put Dafa in a secondary place ...” (Zhuan Falun)

This tells me that one would have lowered one's level and is in a dangerous position.

I hope these self-righteous fellow practitioners will wake up and be serious in studying the Fa. Other practitioners don't want to associate with them because they do not have a high respect for the Fa.

Continuing to ignore security issues can lead to serious problems. Of course, paying attention to security issues alone does not mean the person is in alignment with the Fa. It is necessary to check one's personal view against what is stated in the Fa regularly.