(Minghui.org) Mr. Wang Sheng, who is over 70, was illegally arrested on a bus on April 26, 2014. The police kicked him during the arrest and broke his leg. The police will not let his family visit him, nor has his family been notified as to his whereabouts, despite their efforts to find him.

Arrest and Tortured

Officers from the Gongzhuling Police Department arrested six Falun Gong practitioners on a bus on April 26, 2014. Mr. Wang Sheng, in his 70s, was kicked and punched repeatedly and his femur was fractured. His legs swelled and his bowels did not function properly. He was later shackled and quarantined in a room with bars.

Mr. Wang lay on the floor, moaning in pain. Policemen shouted at him to be quiet. Mr. Wang asked for help, but no one took care of him.

When he was ordered to the interrogation room, a policeman shouted at Mr. Wang to stand up and walk, but Mr. Wang could not. So the police dragged him, his legs dragging on the floor. Mr. Wang shouted in pain.

In detention, Mr. Wang was not allowed to move or to talk. He was given only a slice or two of bread a day.

When he was taken to a detention center on the evening of April 27, 2014, his family was not informed.

Home Ransacked

After Mr. Wang was arrested, the police searched him and found a key to his home. Four policemen and two policewomen from the domestic security division went to his home at 10 p.m. on April 26, 2014. Mr. Wang’s wife was home with the door locked from the inside, so the police broke in. They ransacked Mr. Wang’s bedroom and confiscated a Shen Yun Performing Arts DVD.

Family Members Have Searched for Him for Over a Month

After hearing about the arrest of their father, Mr. Wang’s son and daughter-in-law quickly returned to Gongzhuling from Changchun City. When they went to the police department, they were first told that Mr. Wang was taken to the municipal detention center. Mr. Wang’s son and daughter-in-law went to the detention center, but were told that he was not there.

They went back to the domestic security division. The police asked them if Mr. Wang had any mental problems. They said that ever since their father took up the practice of Falun Gong, he has been very healthy. If there was something wrong with him now, they said they would go after those who persecuted him. The police then told them that he was taken to Ankang Mental Hospital. They rushed to the hospital, but were told that he was not there, either.

Once again they returned to the police department. This time the door was closed and the guards wouldn’t let them enter.

Since they didn’t have a way to find their father, Mr. Wang’s son and daughter-in-law went to the municipal Procuratorate to sue the police for arresting their father and not disclosing his whereabouts. Later the police told them that Mr. Wang was taken to Changchun and they would text the address to his son’s cell phone. His son never got any such information.

It was not easy to get any information about their father, but they kept trying and finally found out that Mr. Wang had had his leg broken and he could barely walk. Not only would the police not let them visit their father, they would not tell them where he was.

Mr. Wang’s son and daughter-in-law are worried about about their father and hope to find him with the help of a lawyer. They've consulted with many law firms in Gongzhuling. Many lawyers do not wish to take on this or any case involving Falun Gong practitioners. Mr. Wang's family were told that the higher authorities didn't allow the lawyers to accept Falun Gong cases.

Mr. Wang's family has filed a case with the Gongzhuling Procuratorate, suing the domestic security division officers from the Gongzhuling Police Department who took Mr. Wang away and will not reveal his whereabouts. If the local Procuratorate doesn't accept their case, they will appeal to higher authorities.

Individuals Involved in the Persecution of Mr. Wang Sheng:

Wang Jiuwei (王久伟), deputy director of the Gongzhuling Police Department: +86-13500841190 (Cell)Li Jianqi (李建奇), Manager of the Domestic Security Division, Gongzhuling Police Department: +86-13504440000 (Cell)Domestic Security Division, Gongzhuling Police Department:Xu Zhiwei (徐志伟): +86-15143440004 (Cell)Gao Yajie (高雅洁): +86-15604418838 (Cell)Zhao Lanping (赵兰平): +86-13804473179 (Cell)Liu Yingjie (刘英杰), party secretary of the Gongzhuling Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-434-6217174Liu Yinan (刘义南), director of the Gongzhuling 610 Office: +86-434-6211610Wang Xiao (王啸), director of the Gongzhuling Detention Center: +86-434-6270018