(Minghui.org) As the height of tourist season approaches, there are increasing numbers of Chinese tourists at attractions throughout Europe. Along with the increase of Chinese tourists, more and more local volunteers have become involved in helping Chinese tourists to renounce the Party and have set up informational displays at more tourist sites. For the many who have seized the opportunity to renounce their memberships to the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, this has become a meaningful part of their journey.

To reach more tourists, some volunteers carry small loud speakers and play recordings that explain the facts about the Party's crimes against Falun Gong and the Chinese people. Many tourists pause to listen.

A Chinese Tourist in Switzerland Shouts, “Falun Dafa Is Great!”

In Lucerne, Switzerland, tour buses of Chinese tourists came one after another. At times, all of the tourists from one bus rushed to get Falun Gong information materials from volunteers. Some said, “Please give me extra copies. I will give them to my friends.” “Your materials cannot be seen in China. How did you get this information?” Some tourists shouted, “Falun Dafa is great!”

Frequently tourists said to volunteers, “The Party is terrible. Help me renounce it.” Nowadays, one volunteer can help more than 50 tourists to renounce their Party memberships within one hour.

“I Am Not Afraid”

In Frankfurt, Germany, a tour group head saw the tourists in his group rushing to get newspapers about Falun Gong and shouted at them, “Don't get it. Put it back!” A volunteer said to a man walking back, “Don't be afraid.” “I am not afraid. Give me whatever information materials you have,” said the man. “Have you quit the Communist Party?” asked the volunteer. “I quit a long time ago!” answered the tourist.

At Lake Titisee in the Black Forest, Germany, a middle-aged Chinese tourist requested a newspaper about Falun Gong from a volunteer. When asked if he had quit the Party, he said loudly, “I quit a long time ago. My father who has been an official Party member for over 50 years also quit!” The volunteer praised his knowledge and courage. The tourist said, “Those who get around the internet information blockade in China know the facts. Who wants to be dragged down with the Party? Quitting the Party is the right thing to do. You can report my story.”

A Tour Guide Quits the Party in Paris: “Use My Real Name to Quit the Party!”

A middle-aged tour guide in Germany chatted with a volunteer after accepting a newspaper. He said, “I have been abroad for more than 20 years. I understand the facts. Everyone knows the mafia is worse than regular criminals. But the Chinese Communist Party is worse than the mafia! I have a policeman friend in Beijing and his work involves handling Falun Gong cases. I warned him not to be involved in the persecution of Falun Gong. That is too wicked.”

He said he encouraged Chinese tourists to take Falun Gong materials. “I told them, take a look and you'll know the how bad the Communist Party is.”

The tour guide explained that when he went to France with a tour group, Falun Gong practitioners at an information table there helped him quit the Party. He said, “I was asked to quit the Party with an alias, but I said, 'No need to use an alias. Use my real name!'”

Shocked by the Party's Organ Harvesting Crimes

At the Falun Gong information table, a Chinese tourist in her 50s requested Falun Gong information materials. She returned after taking a few steps, “There are two big issues in the information materials. I believe they are true. The first is former head Jiang Zemin of the Party is a traitor in giving away land to neighboring countries. I read a lot about what has happened and have felt puzzled about our country's loss of large pieces of land without explanation.

“The second issue is live organ harvesting for lucrative profit. I have a friend who is a doctor in a military hospital. Once he disclosed to me that his hospital was involved in live organ harvesting. He said other hospitals were involved in it too. Though I heard of the issue, I still feel shocked after reading the information from the newspaper, as I did not know so many people died of this brutality. It is unimaginable!”

A volunteer encountered a Chinese student and showed him a brass statue depicting the Nazi's crimes against humanity. The volunteer said, “The Nazis committed genocide against the Jews 70 years ago. Roman Emperor Nero killed Christians 2000 years ago. The Chinese Communist Party conducts large-scale live organ harvesting for lucrative profit today. The Party's crime is so grave that no one can ignore it. Everyone must take a stance on this issue.” The student took a photo of the statue with his smart phone and thought deeply. Before leaving, he agreed to quit the Party and thanked the volunteer.

“We Will Stop When the Persecution Stops”

A volunteer distributed newspapers in front of a Chinese restaurant in Frankfurt. A Chinese tourist in his 50s asked, “What do you Falun Gong want to accomplish? Do you want to take over China after knocking the Party down?” The young volunteer smiled, “We do not seek political power or official positions. We will stop our public appeals when the persecution and the live organ harvesting stop and when you all know the facts and quit the Party!” The tourist looked surprised and kept silent for a while before saying, “I really admire you! Give me a copy of the newspaper. I'll read it carefully.”