By a Western practitioner in North America

Obtaining Falun Dafa leaves one speechless, rationality forms an indomitable fortress. Practicing Falun Gong the body lightens, healthy tranquility the future brightens. No longer left lost floating adrift, can ‘thank you’ suffice for the greatest gift? Could I rejoice while others are killed, or seeking how I have become fulfilled? Transcending good is indeed no short order, one must go beyond one's border. Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, gives guidance for radiant magnificence. Who won’t benefit from kind selfless people, who need not money, fame nor steeple? Cultivate I will a diamond-like fortitude, to express my deepest, highest gratitude.

Practitioners from a Practice Site in Victoria, Australia, Send World Falun Dafa Day Greetings to Master and Fellow Practitioners

Serbian Falun Dafa Practitioners Send Greetings to Master for World Falun Dafa Day

The card reads:

"To Master Li Hongzhi, sincerest greetings from Serbian Falun Dafa practitioners who live outside their home country"

Xie Xie, Shifu, Xie Xie (Thank You, Teacher, Thank You)

By a Western practitioner in North America

We chose to come here from the Heavens, to the terrifying world of mortals, to assist you in Fa Rectification when the time came. The stakes were insurmountably high. Would we be able to find you in the massive delusion of the human world?

But you found us; you found us! And we heard and we rejoiced. For so long we have been deeply sleeping, lifetime after lifetime. Blind and ignorant to the reality of the cosmos. Then, at this most perilous yet sacred time, you came to awaken us and opened our eyes with the Truth.

You taught us the Great Law – the absolute Truth of the Universe. The Fa that has the power to eliminate notions that have formed deep in our bones over countless lifetimes. The Fa that can eliminate the substance of negative thoughts once we acknowledge that they are not the real ‘us.’ That our real original trues selves are only Zhen Shan Ren. Dafa – living principles that continue to awaken us to infinite levels of understanding

You taught us the exercises, which continually transform our human bodies into the bodies of gods. You gave us the power to eliminate evil, and the omnipotent tool of looking inside. You have suffered incomprehensibly in order to enable our return.

You widely opened the Gates of Heaven! How is it possible to thank you with mere human words? Often in private moments, it is my tears that sing praises of gratitude. Yet on this occasion, the 22nd anniversary of your teaching the Fa in the human world, On this occasion I can only use mere mortal words….

Xie xie, Shifu, xie xie!

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