(Minghui.org) I was born in 1998. I was less than a year old when the persecution began. At that time, my mother wanted the government to understand the truth about Falun Gong and about Master, so she went to petition to the provincial government. The police took us by bus to the police station and left us outside. It was extremely hot that day, but mother said my tender skin did not get scorched by the sun. I'm thankful for Master's protection and the chance to cultivate. I would like to share some of my experiences along the way.

Overcoming Illness Tribulations

I had many tribulations with illness karma when I was young. One time my temperature was so high I had to be given 20 intravenous injections, but still my fever raged on. I developed pneumonia and my parents spent a lot of money for my treatment.

In 2005, I started to do Falun Gong exercises regularly. Mother got me up every morning at five o’clock to practice. Father was not too happy about this.

One time, I was running a high fever. I was supposed to go to Fa study. Father was worried about my condition, so he made a special trip home from work to check on me. I was afraid father would stop me from going to Fa study so I told him I didn’t have a fever when I was actually burning inside. Yet, when father put his hand on my forehead, he found it cool to the touch. Father didn’t say anything, and returned to work. That day at Fa study, I was able to sit in meditation for almost a full hour.

There was another time when I was again running a high fever. I still got up with mother to do the exercises. While doing the Falun Standing Stance exercise, I started to throw up, but I ignored it. I knew it was Master cleansing my body. I just moved to another spot to continue. What I spit up was some sticky yellowish stuff. I was sure that Master was ridding my body of bad things. From that day on, I have not taken any more medicine.

Resisting Communist Party Pressure and Shining Dafa's Light

When I was in elementary school, my teacher told us one day to bring in $1 RMB to buy red scarves so we could be inducted into the Communist Young Pioneers. I told my teacher that I didn’t want to be inducted. My teacher jabbed my head and said, “You are really stupid.”

I didn’t dare say another word, but when I got home, I told mother. I hoped mother would go and have a good talk with the teacher.

At first, mother said, “If there’s too much pressure for you to resist, just do it. You can quit later.” I told mother, “What kind of garbage are you putting in my head? You want me to get myself filthy, and then just wash the filth off? What a horrible idea!”

So, mother went to clarify the truth to teacher. My teacher indicated she understood and said she would try her best to make things work my way.

One day, we were practicing the induction ceremony. I was caught unawares, but, when the teacher instructed us to raise our right hands into fists to make our oath, I raised my left hand. When we were instructed to swear we would serve the Chinese Communist Party faithfully for the rest of our lives, I would not say those words but kept repeating in my heart: “Falun Dafa Hao, Zhen-Shan-Ren hao!”

When the students on duty charged with inspecting everybody and disallowing anybody who did not have red scarves on stopped me from entering the school, I told them matter-of-factly and with conviction, “I am NOT a Young Pioneer. Why should I be wearing any red scarf?” Many schoolmates who were blocked at the entrance looked at me with envy as I marched into the school with confident steps.

At that time, my thoughts were very pure. During class, when the teacher would say something slanderous against Dafa and write on the blackboard about Falun Gong being an evil cult, I would wait for the moment when she would be preoccupied with checking our homework and walk up to the blackboard to erase the lies that were written. My teacher never reacted to what I did.

After I watched the 2007 NTDTV dance competition DVD, I felt dancing was so beautiful that I decided I wanted to learn how to dance and perhaps, in future, I could use the skill for Fa rectification. The year of the provincial children’s competition, I used a Dafa practitioner song, “Lotus Song,” to choreograph a dance according to my capability at that time. With my dance teacher’s help, my mother’s companionship, and my personal efforts, I was the gold medal winner. Since then, I have entered the competition almost every year.

Getting Lost in the Dye Vat of Society

Ever since I started dance school, I had to live on campus. I rose early and went to bed late every day. There was no Fa study or group exercise environment. My thoughts were not as pure as before. In fact, I was quite heavily contaminated. I failed to look inward when I had conflicts with my classmates. I was constantly playing with my cell phone. I would feel sleepy when I went home every weekend. I would fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I became attached to money. I felt I did not have sufficient pocket money. Every Sunday, I would get into a fight with my mother over money. I constantly had desires to get more money so I could buy things that I liked. The Fa failed to enter my consciousness. When doing the exercises, I would keep an eye on mother. If she looked at me, then I would try to do a better job; if she did not, then I would slack off.

Mother realized I was in a bad state. Master used a dream to enlighten her. Mother saw in her dream a black shroud over my school. Everybody was very short and ugly. I was the only tall one among them. I even exuded some light except it was rather dull in color. Before long, several alien beings flew over to target me, but I was wearing a golden armor with a golden helmet and they could not hurt me. Then, they tricked me into playing some games with them. I was very happy. They told me to stand still and started to tie me up with iron chains from my feet up. I couldn’t move but I was enjoyed being tied up. When the chain reached my neck, their demeanor changed. They were ready to strike me down. I wanted to fight back but my struggle was in vain as my hands and feet were all tied tightly up. That’s when mother saw me and started to send forth righteous thoughts on my behalf until the alien beings began to retreat and dissolve and finally completely dissipated.

I became quite uneasy after mother told me her dream.

Mother decided I should commute instead of living on campus, but I was reluctant. Mother talked to me based on the Fa until I finally came to full realization that people came to this world not to be ordinary people, but for the purpose of ridding ourselves of all human attachments, to return to our original true selves, and to cultivate our way back home.

Returning to Genuine Cultivation

After I started commuting, I began to study the Fa every day although I was still lacking in doing the exercises. Now that I had a fixed schedule to study Fa every Sunday, I improved a lot. I also looked inward daily, and so my runaway temper became much more under control.

One time, an elderly practitioner dropped in and joined us in meditation. At that time, I would do only 30 minutes. The practitioner encouraged me to do a full hour. My response was a confidant “No problem!” However, I was in such pain after 35 minutes, I felt I couldn’t make it. When I saw none of the other young practitioners give up, I thought, “Everybody is enduring it, I will too.” But then, very soon, one of the other children started crying, and so I burst out crying too.

I recalled before, when mother wanted me to persist, I wouldn’t listen, so mother asked, “If Master told you that you would reach Consummation if you persisted for two hours, would you do it?” and I answered, “Of course! Most definitely!” When I recalled that exchange, I truly felt ashamed. So I stopped crying, but tears kept streaming down my face.

The elderly practitioner said, “Just keep hanging on. Why are you crying? You are just paying off some karma.”

Her tone was quite stern. I wasn’t too happy about that, so I thought to myself, “Who won’t cry when in pain? Why can’t I cry?”

When I finally uncrossed my legs, I was elated. I thought to myself, “I can sit with my legs crossed in meditation for a whole hour now.” But to save face, I left in a huff to go back to my room. Mother followed me to the doorway and asked me what was wrong. I complained, “That practitioner is too harsh and mean.”

The elderly practitioner said, “It was for your own good. Your karma is eliminated. Your gong is increased. You even succeeded in meditating for an hour. How wonderful!”

I thought for a bit and realized how true her statement was. I then came out of my room with a smile on my face.

The elderly practitioner asked me, “Am I welcome to come back to your house?” I answered, “Of course you’re welcome to come back.”

That evening, 10 of us were able to persist for two hours in the sitting meditation.

Now, I don’t fidget when studying the Fa or sway too much when doing the exercises. My thoughts and mindset have become pure once more. When father witnessed the change in me, he gradually embraced Dafa. Now, he joins our Fa study and exercises, too.