(Minghui.org) Practitioner B at our local materials production site is close to 60 years old. In 2013, after the local coordinator talked with B, he agreed to be in charge of the materials production site. I was in charge of teaching B the technical aspects of making the materials. I heard from other practitioners that B had tried to learn how to use a computer before, but he always forgot things and never acquired the needed skills.

In the process of teaching B, I realized that it was true. He would forget the simplest things that I had just taught him only minutes earlier. Even if I wrote down the operating steps on a piece of paper, he skipped a step here and there. However, I could see that he had a determined mind to help Teacher and to save beings. I could see that he worked really hard and that he was worried about being a slow learner. It had been six months, and he couldn't work the mouse well or use the copy-paste function on the computer.

I have been told that I have great patience in teaching. However, I was very frustrated teaching B. Every time I was to teach him, I had to remind myself to be calm, kind, and patient. However, in less than 10 minutes of talking to him, I couldn't help but raise my voice. I blamed myself again and again for not having good xinxing. Still, practitioner B learned nothing from me.

Finally, I remembered to look within. The same problems came back repeatedly because I didn't have enough compassion and patience. My heart was too small. Even ordinary people say, “There are no students who can't learn, there are only teachers who don't know how to teach.” I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and I should be better than that.

I shared my thoughts with B, and he always said, “I am too stupid, it's really not your fault. I have caused you so much trouble.” He was so kind, and I felt ashamed of myself for constantly blaming him. I was determined to eliminate my impatience and my intolerance.

Before I taught B again, I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the elements that didn't conform to the teaching of the Fa. I refused to acknowledge the arrangement of the old forces. Miracles happened. I never raised my voice and B's memory got better each time. He could easily remember the new things I taught him.

B is now able to break through the firewall to download materials, print them, and record them on DVDs. He is able to make all kinds of informational materials on his own.