(Minghui.org)“The waiting of centuriesThe longing of millennia”(“Returning to Heaven is the Other Shore” in Hong Yin III)

February 11, 1994 is a special day. It is the day we welcomed Master to Dongying City, Shangdong Province. During the holiday season of the Chinese New Year, Master came to Shengli Oilfield region to hold Falun Dafa classes.

From January 28 to February 5, 1994, Master taught the first Falun Dafa class in Jinan City, Shandong Province. Without having a rest, Master with his wife and sister, came to Kenli County, Shandong Province on the afternoon of February 11, 1994. It was the second day of the Chinese New Year. On that same day in the evening, Master gave the first lecture upon his arrival.

The class was held in a hall in Kenli County hostel, and 400 people attended, including the head of the county.

In addition to giving lectures in Kenli County, Master taught in the Shengli Oilfield region twice. He taught once in the South of the Yellow River region, and another time in the North of the Yellow River region.

Shengli Oilfield was located both north and south of the Yellow River. Therefore, Master's teachings covered the whole oilfield region. Many people in Dongying City began studying the Fa and cultivating.

I. Miracles That Occurred When Master Taught the Fa in Dongying City

A Practitioner Saw Master's Fashen in the Class

One attendee was a male practitioner in his 30s. He practiced several types of qigong in the past. After he listened to Master's teaching, he suddenly understood some things: The different qigong that he previously practiced were only at a level of keeping fit. These phony qigong practices had done him much harm, and they could have ruined his life. He felt fortunate that Master taught Falun Dafa, a truly high-realm cultivation practice.

He was very excited. When Master said:

“Perhaps as soon as you step in the door, your spouse will throw a fit right in your face. If you endure it, your effort of practicing qigong today is not in vain.” (“Lecture Four” in Zhuan Falun)

He couldn't help responding, “Great!” because he had encountered such an instance.He didn't understand why Master looked so familiar to him when he first saw him. It seemed he had met Master in the past. While he had this thought, Master said that some people have a predestined relationship with him from more than just one lifetime, and some had several lifetimes together.

He thought Master was remarkable, and Master seemed to know his thoughts instantly.

He saw in other dimensions that when Master taught the Fa, there were five beings around him. Everyone of them had blue curly hair and were wearing yellow robes. At the time he didn't know anything about it, but later he realized that they were Master's fashen.

Paralyzed Man Walks Again

On the third day of the Chinese New Year (second day of class), people were gradually entering the class. There was an older man who was brought in who was totally paralyzed. He sat in a wheelchair, and he was lifted from the chair by seven or eight people to the stairs of the hall and then moved upstairs bit by bit.

At that moment, Master was about to enter the hall for the lecture. Master saw this scene and said: “Let go of him, everyone!” Everyone listened and loosened their hands, except two people who held the man's arms on each side. They thought if they loosened their hands, the man would fall.

Master raised his voice and said: “Only you two didn't listen; let go of him, quickly!” They listened and loosened their hands.

A miracle occurred. The older man didn't fall, but instead he stood there nice and steady. Then he walked to the south gate and entered the hall to listen to Master's lecture. The people who carried the man were speechless after they saw this, and they cried. All the students in the class warmly applauded the man.

When Master was about to start the lecture, the older man walked up to the stage alone. He walked around on the stage showing everyone, he said: “I was totally paralyzed, and I tried getting help from several major hospitals, but they couldn't cure me. Master healed me instantly, and I don't know how to thank Master! The students responded with warm applause.

Purifying the Body in Class

A female practitioner, in her 50s, was a teacher who had just retired. She suffered from several illnesses, such as hemicrania, which made her feel like her head was splitting. She also suffered from cervical bone hyperplasia. When she walked she felt a cracking-like pain in her feet. Regardless of what treatment she tried, it couldn't be cured. She then attended the Falun Dafa class. The longer she listened, the more she liked the lecture, and she thought that Teacher Li was truly bringing us to a higher level.

After she improved her understanding, she changed physically. Master purified her body, and she no longer had illnesses. She said she experienced what it feels like to have no disease. When Master removed the practitioners' diseases (telling them to stomp their feet), she also stomped her feet, and she had no pain anymore. One day she felt pain in her feet, like she had stepped on fire. Her feet were very painful. She rubbed her feet on the floor quickly, and after a while she lifted her feet and looked at them and saw that nothing was different.

She understood that it was Master who was purifying her body and that the bad substances were removed. Since that time she never suffered from foot pain again. She started her cultivation journey after that. In the class she provided the audio player for everyone to do the exercises. This practitioner was appointed as the assistant of the exercise center by Master.

One practitioner was practicing another qigong, and she suffered from heart disease. When Master helped the students remove their diseases, she just thought about removing her mom's diseases, and she didn't think about hers. When she slept, in a dream, there was a hand that pulled something out of her heart. She thought it was Master who was removing her diseases, and her heart diseases have been cured since then.

One practitioner said: “When Master was removing our diseases and purifying our bodies, the energy field was very strong, I felt it pressing downward layer by layer.”

At that point in the class, everyone knew about one student who brought all her family members to the class. She was from the countryside and suffered from several diseases and took a lot of medicine, but nothing helped. After several days in the class, her body was purified, and she experienced the feeling of no disease. She felt that Dafa was great! She went home and threw away all her medicine. She told everyone she knew that it was Master who cured her diseases and that Dafa is great. She brought all her family members with her to attend the class.

II. Ten Days of Lectures and We Were Only Charged Fifty Yuan

A countryside woman in her 30s couldn't have a child after several years of marriage. She learned many types of qigong in order to cure this, but all was in vain. One qigong class charged her 200 yuan per day. She said that Falun Gong was so good, and Master only charged her 50 Yuan for 10 days. This woman has been cultivating Falun Dafa ever since. She got pregnant and had a healthy baby, and the child is 18 or 19 years old now.

One female student suffered from recurrent miscarriages. She and her family were very worried. She attended the Falun Dafa class and listened to Master's teaching, and she felt great. At the end of the year, she had a healthy baby son. This student was then determined to cultivate in Dafa.

III. Meeting the High Level Master

One student was called a “qigong master.” She used to heal illnesses for other people. She also attended the class and she heard Master talk about the risks of qigong healing. She didn't know about this before, and she felt worried that it would be dangerous if she continued to do this. She was very grateful to Master, and she thanked him for telling her about the harm of doing qigong healing.

Another student had practiced another qigong in the past. The qi had not come down from his head for a long time, and his head felt heavy. He consulted several famous qigong masters but couldn't resolve the problem. They thought he had cultivation insanity, making him feel very worried. He also joined the Falun Dafa class. He listened to Master, and during lecture six, he immediately understood the cause of his problems. Immediately the thick hat of qi disappeared. He knew he had met a high level master.

One person didn't believe in qigong, and he didn't attend the class. He heard many people talk about how good Falun Dafa was and how great the Teacher was. This person had stomach problems and suffered severe pain. He wanted to try Falun Dafa, and he knew a person who knew Master. This person took him to see Master. He told Master he had stomachaches that were very painful. The person who took him also helped explain to Master about his problems. He instantly felt that something from his stomach was being pulled out. He felt alright immediately, and this person admired Master from the bottom of his heart.

People did the exercises in the early morning on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year. One elderly student suddenly fainted, and two assistant staff personnel sent him back to his accommodations. Master came to see him and told him that he practiced too many types of qigong in the past and they were interfering with each other.

Another student practiced several types of qigong. As soon as he did the Falun Dafa exercises, he made other movements and he rotated automatically. Master told him that he practiced too many different qigong, and it messed up his body. Master was very serious and adjusted him. The students deeply felt how serious it was to practice only one cultivation way.

IV. Cultivation Is Wonderful

A qigong enthusiast in his 60s was a heavy smoker. He brought a bundle of cigarettes to attend the class, and he prepared to smoke during the class. But when he listened to Master's lecture, he forgot to smoke. He changed very quickly, and he realized that Master truly brought people to higher levels. He knew he must get rid of his desires and various attachments. He naturally gave up smoking.

Twenty years have passed, and he was always diligent. He walked his path through the process of the persecution. He is 80 years old now, and his body is light when he walks. Another person who attended class with him was also a heavy smoker. He was still smoking when Master taught the Fa of giving up smoking. The student who gave up smoking tried to help him, but that person didn't listen. The student who quit threw his friend's cigarette to the floor. This person picked it up and carried on smoking. Later this person passed away.

An official knew Master. During the break when Master taught the class, this official smoked. Master saw him and told him to give it up. This official listened and gave up smoking. After 20 years, he is now 80. He recalled this and is very grateful to Master.

On the last day of the class, after the lecture, Master showed us the large hand gestures. The room became noisy with the sound of cameras snapping photos. Master told the students not to take pictures during the demonstration of the hand movements, and that the photos wouldn't take. Several students who took pictures, took their film to the film studio. After the film was developed, they surprisingly noticed that the photos they took of Master were very good, but the photo of Master's large hand gestures hadn't been developed; they were all black. They deeply understood that cultivation is really serious and wonderful.

Several students believed in Buddhism in the past. They said it was Buddha who led them to the class. They were told that there was a high level Master who was preaching the Fa and to hurry up and learn it. They then came to the Falun Dafa class.

A female director of a police department also attended the class. She told Master that it was strange that she levitated when she sat in meditation, and that it made her scared. Master told her with a smile that it was a good thing.

V. Great Compassion Even in the Little Things

A section head of a work unit had attended several sessions of Master's class. He had benefited a lot. He often told people in his work unit how great and wonderful Falun Dafa was.

Master had taught the Fa in Kenli for four or five days. People in his section asked their manager to give them a lift to the class. The section head drove them to see Master and explained to Master the reason they came. Master told them kindly that they came too late, that there wasn't enough time to attend the lecture. The section head bought a Falun Gong book. Master signed his name and encouraged him to study the Fa well and to genuinely cultivate.

They were going to drive away in the car, and at the time Master asked his wife: didn't she need to buy some toothpaste and toothbrush? Shall we have a ride in their car? At that time, there weren't many shops in Kenli, and it was the New Year season, so going shopping wasn't very convenient.

Master took a lift with his wife and sister, and they went shopping about one mile or two miles away. After they did the shopping, the section head insisted on giving Master a ride back, but Master wouldn't let him. Master said to him that they should go because they had a long way home, and that Master could walk home.

VI. Our Master

Master's accommodations and daily meals were the same as the students. Master lived in the south hall building of the county hostel, and the students lived on the ground floor. Three of Master's family lived on the second floor. There weren't any heaters in the lecture hall or in the accommodations area. Master's family were the same as students. They had dinner in the hostel catering, and they ate the same food. There was nothing special, even though it was the Chinese New Year, and they ate the same food as that served on a normal day.

A student who was one of the staff members who helped organize the lecture recalled that they didn't cook special food for Master. Master ate the same food the students did and he ate whatever they cooked. Sometimes Master was busy and missed dinner, and he would then have instant noodles. One time the oilfield leader came and saw that, and he wanted to arrange for the catering to cook something special. Master wouldn't let him. Because it was nearly time for the class, and in order to save time, Master ate something simple.

That student also recalled that Master was really down to earth and approachable. People felt close to and had respect for Master. The student also said that Master taught the class in the evening and helped them with their exercises in the morning. During the day, there were many things to deal with. In addition, Master needed to hold the seminars in addition to the lectures and was really busy. Master also found time to see and talk to the students where they stayed. This was our Master! That student always thought that Master was so warm and respectful, and as soon as he saw Master, he felt warmth.

That student said that there was one thing he would never forget: It was when Master taught the Fa during the holiday for the Chinese New Year. This holiday was a very important season for Chinese people. At that time, every family reunited and had family meals together. But Master and his wife and sister left home from the Northeast and came to Kenli. The food they ate, the place they stayed, and the things they used were no different from any normal day. It wasn't like a holiday for them. The students felt sorry about this so they asked the catering to prepare several special dishes. They set a dining table in the catering area and had a dinner with Master's family. At least it was counted as a New Year's dinner. There were 10 of them, including Master and His wife and sister. The atmosphere was very warm. They took a soft drink and proposed a toast to Master and His wife. They wished Master's family the best.

Master stood up and filled his glass with a soft drink and then cheered to everyone around the table one by one. The students didn't know what to do. They just felt that Master was wonderful. Master walked around the table toasting everyone. Every time that student recalled this, he felt he was lucky, and felt Master was easygoing. The student also blamed himself, saying that he was too naive at the time and didn't realize the immensity of heaven and earth.

Master paid the bill for the dinner without letting the students notice. Master paid 800 yuan, including the cost of his dinner and accommodations during the lectures.At that time, 800 yuan wasn't a small amount for an individual.

VII. Master Worked Hard

On the ninth day of the Chinese New Year, Master taught class during the day, then completed the last class in the evening. Master issued certificates for the Falun Dafa class to the students. Then Master said:

“... if after the class you cannot follow this Dafa to practice cultivation, you will at least be a good person. This will benefit our society.” (“Lecture Nine” in Zhuan Falun)

“... I hope that all of you will treat yourselves as practitioners in future cultivation practice and truly continue your cultivation practice. I hope that both veteran and new practitioners will be able to practice cultivation in Dafa and succeed in it! I hope that after going home everyone will make the best use of his or her time for genuine cultivation practice.” (“Lecture Nine” in Zhuan Falun)

While Master spoke, a car outside the class, which belonged to the next organizer from Liaoning Province, was awaiting Master to go with them for the next class. At 10 o'clock in the evening of the ninth day of the Chinese New Year, Master didn't take any break after a whole day's work. He and His family simply tidied up their luggage and left in the car. All the students came to say good-bye to Master. Master waved his hand in response. The students didn't want Master to go. They said: “Good-bye, Master.” They stood there watching Master leave, and tears were in their eyes...

On February 11, 1994, two days after Master left Dongying, he started giving lectures at Lingyuan Iron and Steel Factory in Liaoning Province.

VIII. Master's Arrival Gives Huge Blessings to the Region

Apart from giving the lectures, Master also had to deal with many other issues, balancing many problems, and we didn't know about most of them. For example, historic issues: Dongying, in another dimension, had problems and interference. To create an environment and condition for students to cultivate, validate the Fa, etc., these issues had to be addressed. Hence, 20 years of oil production in the oilfield has been relatively stable. Workers had a relatively stable living condition. This was very good for Dafa disciples' cultivation and was good for validating the Fa.

Master went on to the Yellow River bridge, then to Dongying port which was about 62 miles away, then to Xianhe County. Master also went to Guangli Port, which was about 31 miles away. Wherever Master went, there were images, messages, energy, miracles, and the Buddha light remained.

Master said in Zhuan Falun:“Within a specific dimension, what a person has done or what a person does with a wave of his hand is all material existence, and anything he does will leave an image and a message.” (“Lecture Two” in Zhuan Falun)

“After you have the supernormal ability of Precognition and Retrocognition in the future, the form of my lecture today will still exist when you take a look at it. It already exists there simultaneously.” (“Lecture Two” in Zhuan Falun)

At the Kenli lecture hall, when students went there to celebrate the anniversary day of Master's lecture, they took pictures. Two light pillars and many Falun appeared in the photos.

On the morning of the third day of the Chinese New Year in 1994, Master visited the Yellow River bridge. Master was accompanied there by the organizers, and they took pictures on the south end of the bridge. On May 24, 2007, Dafa disciples took pictures at the same location, and many different sized Faluns on the bridge appeared in the pictures.

Picture: Yellow River Bridge

On the North side of Kenli County hall, there was a bell pagoda located at the north side of the library. The bell that was hung there came from the Yellow River during the flood in the Ming Dynasty. When Master held the class there, He visited the bell and spoke to the bell. On May 24, 2007, Dafa disciples came and took pictures. There were many bright Faluns on the bell and on practitioners.

During those years after Master's lecture, many Udumbara flowers came out in the places where Master gave lectures: Kenli County Hostel Hall, Xianhe Town Cinema, and near Shengli Oilfield Machinery Hall. Volume 8 of the Buddhist scripture “Huilin Phonetics and Interpretation” says: “The Udumbara flower is the product of propitious and supernatural phenomena; it is a celestial flower and does not exist in the mundane world. If a Tathagata or the King of the Golden Wheel appears in the human world, this flower will appear due to his great virtue and blessings.”