(Minghui.org) “Where is my mother?” Ms. Zhang Chengjun's daughter was really puzzled after she lost contact with her mother for more than a month. She flew to Dalian City, Liaoning Province where her mother lived and went from place to place looking for her. In the end, she was told that her mother, a Falun Gong practitioner, had been imprisoned in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. She rushed to Shenyang, only to find out that the prison wouldn't allow her to see her mother.

Ms. Zhang Chengjun, 76, was arrested and taken to the Yaojia Detention Center in Dalian on February 18, 2014. She was then transferred to the Liaoning Provincial Women's Prison, also called “Dabei Prison” in Shenyang, on March 4.

Ms. Zhang's husband passed away many years ago. They had only one daughter. Their daughter went to the U.S. to obtain a Ph. D. degree, and then came back to Shanghai to work at a medical research institute. The daughter didn't worry much about her mother who lived by herself, “Mom was very healthy after practicing Falun Dafa. I didn't need to worry about her.”

Earlier this year, the daughter visited her mother during the Chinese New Year. Everything was fine. However, from March on her calls to her mother were never answered. She guessed that her mother had been illegally arrested again. But she thought it might have been because the Chinese Communist Party held the People's Congress and Political Consultative Conference at that time, and that the police had just arrested her for a few days.

After the two conferences were over, she still could not contact her mother. The daughter became very worried. Though her work was very demanding, she took a few days off to fly to Dalian to look again for her mother.

“Where Is Mom?”

She went to the convenience store downstairs. The owner said, “I saw the first two arrests of your mother. The police dragged her out while yelling and shouting. This time I haven't heard anything. Maybe they convinced her to go somewhere?”

She went to the residential committee, but they didn't know where she was. A 76-year old lady who lived by herself and had been a resident in the apartment for a few decades was supposed to get some attention from the residential committee. But after she was missing for more than a month, the committee didn't even know she was missing, nor did they want to do anything about looking for her.

She went to the Zhongshan Park Police Station that was in charge of their neighborhood. A police officer answered “We don't know. It is not our case.” “But she is in your region. If someone else has a case against her, shouldn't they notify you.” “No.”

Mother's whereabouts became a mystery. Did the “610 Office” do it? But even if so, they must have worked with a police station. The daughter went to all of Dalian's police stations one by one. Finally, she found her mother's information at the May First Square Police Station.

The police station Manager Li Zhaojie admitted that they had her mother's case and complained that she was too stubborn. They had asked her to write a “Statement of Acknowledging Mistakes,” and then they would let her go home for the prison term under probation. But her mother refused to write the statement.

“But she is a 76-year old lady. Why would you arrest her?” The manager couldn't answer, “It was not us who wanted to arrest her. It was the Domestic Security Division.”

The manager told the daughter to talk to officer Liu Jingyu who handled her case. Officer Liu carefully verified her ID, then said that she was in a detention center. The daughter said “No, she was not there.” “Maybe she is in Dalian Prison?” “Dalian Prison does not hold female inmates.” “Let me check. Leave me your phone number. I will contact you once I find out.”

The daughter was eager to find her mother, so she waited in the police station for an hour. Then officer Liu told her, “She was taken to Liaoning Provincial Women's Prison.”

“Why Is It So Difficult to See Mom?”

The next day, Ms. Zhang Chengjun's daughter went to Liaoning Provincial Women's Prison in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The receptionist checked the computer and said, “She is here. But you can't see her.” The receptionist made a phone call and told her, “She is now in the intense training period for three months. You can't see her.” “Can I come to see her three months from now?” “No, just wait for our notice.” “Can I leave you my phone number?” “No need. We have our way to find you.”

The daughter had no choice but to ask to leave some clothes and some money she had brought for her mother. But that was rejected by the prison also.

The daughter couldn't see her mother, nor did she get any information about her. And her mother didn't know that she had come. From Shanghai to Dalian, then to Shenyang, the daughter had been rushing from one place to another. She was now exhausted. Feeling helpless and hopeless, she wanted to cry.

Individuals who participated in the persecution of Ms. Zhang Chengjun:May-First Square Police Station, Shahekou District, Dalian CityHu Dong (胡东), manager: +86-15502638333 (Cell)Li Zhaojie (李兆杰), deputy Manager in Charge: +86-13909851033 (Cell)Li Jingyu (刘敬瑜), police officer: +86-13079880110 (Cell)