(Minghui.org) World Falun Dafa Day is upon us again. I want to write down several stories that I remember of Master during the early years when He started spreading the Fa. I want to write these stories down to express my deepest respect toward Master and to pass them on for prosperity.

I am a Dafa disciple hailing from Changchun, Master’s home town. Before the persecution, many people in Changchun personally knew and had received help from Master.

I have a cousin who does not practice Falun Dafa. One time, she was in a car accident and hurt her leg badly. The leg refused to heal so she was in constant pain and had to use a wheelchair the whole time she was recuperating. One day, a friend was pushing her in her wheelchair when they happened upon Master. They recognized Him and began telling Him my cousin’s problem, hoping He could help. Master told them He was in a hurry and couldn’t spare the time. Yet, after that encounter, my cousin made a speedy, full recovery. Soon, she was able to get back to work.

Master’s compassion is boundless and reaches to all corners of the Earth. He helps without letting people being aware and without seeking people’s gratitude. He literally helps people just like that, without shape or form.

I started my cultivation practice right after attending Master’s lectures in Dalian in 1994. I remember one day during the lectures, a Dalian coordinator related the story of Master performing a long distance cure for a man who had come all the way from Sweden to seek Master’s help. The man’s son was suffering from polio and had problems with speech. After speaking with Master, the father called home to find out that his son was able to speak without any impediment.

I have also seen the video of Master speaking in France at a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to France. In the video, I noticed how Master was speaking with calmness and sensitivity, and at a depth that was just right, so that He could be understood perfectly. Master was talking succinctly to the Ambassador and his wife about how Falun Dafa was being spread all over China. After a brief conversation, He started to give medical attention to the Ambassador and his wife. The Ambassador was suffering from a case of frozen shoulder, where he couldn't raise his arms above his head. Master used His hands to tap the Ambassador’s shoulders. In a little while, the Ambassador’s hands could reach straight up. The Ambassador’s wife was suffering from a kind of leg disease. To her utter surprise, she was cured right then and there with Master not even lifting a finger.

In 1996, there was this Guangming Daily incident when the newspaper published an article in the fashion of the Cultural Revolution, making groundless and false accusations in an abusive language to attack Falun Gong. The article created quite a stir among practitioners.

I remember during one discussion, a practitioner said he was an eyewitness during the Beijing Health Expo when Master cured an extremely serious hunchback right on the spot.

Later on, when Dafa was spread quickly far and wide, Master was basically giving Fa lectures while people did their own cultivation practice and benefitted so much in body and mind.

At the time, Beijing conducted research on the health benefits and curing effects of Falun Gong. Each one of us at our practice site was asked to write an account of our physical and mental wellbeing before and after practicing Falun Dafa. We collected those writings and even held a Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference.

I was involved with collecting and sorting those materials, and so was fully aware of the entire goings on. I learned that the general health among intellectuals in China at the time was abysmal. They seemed to be generally plagued by such serious chronic ailments as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis B, and so on. Many people actually suffered from a combination of these diseases. However, once they started to practice, the large majority enjoyed freedom from any illness. The improvement rate was 100%. The cure rate was also very high.

At our practice site, I had seen with my own eyes a white hair lady, over 80 years old, who could only move slowly. She lived on the sixth floor of a high-rise. In China, many high-rises do not have elevators, so it was very difficult for her to maneuver the stairs. But she was very persistent. She would insist on going up and down those flights of stairs every day. That was her way of staying active to keep herself alive. She saw us doing the exercises, so she joined in. Several months later, I noticed some gray appearing at the nape of her neck. It was because some of her hair had actually returned to its original black color. There was another incident I remember most vividly. One day, after we finished our exercises, I saw this old lady leave and noticed that she was walking like a young person. Every step she made was brisk. I felt happy watching her receding figure. Who could have guessed she was the same person with the doddering, faltering gait of an old lady just a few months ago?

There was another practitioner I met in Beijing who had been paralyzed for 16 years before she obtained the Fa. A little over a year after she started cultivation practice, she was walking with ease, like a perfectly healthy person.

Before the Chinese Communist Party persecuted Falun Gong in full force in 1999, several newspapers had begun to publish articles slandering Dafa. The China Economic Times was one such newspaper. Some practitioners went to the editors of the newspapers to tell their stories about how they had personally benefitted from practicing Falun Gong. That was what this practitioner did also. She brought along documents of her prior disability to the editors of the China Economic Times as supporting evidence of her miraculous physical change. She asked that the newspaper replace its inaccurate reporting with the correct version to make up for the damage caused by the previous false accounting. The editors were immediately convinced. They decided to do as she requested. That was the background story behind the special report, “I Stood Up!”

Among practitioners, there were also those who recovered from terminal illnesses. In our practice site, there was one such person who had advanced breast cancer with a prognosis of only two more months to live. She fully recovered after practicing Falun Gong.

I can spend an entire day and still won’t have sufficient time to retell every story of the ongoing dramatic physical and mental changes that almost every practitioner experiences. Although the Buddha Law is a cultivation practice that does not focus on curing illnesses, yet it does have amazing accompanying healing properties for true practitioners.

It is only after I was abroad that I realized that the overall health situation for citizens in China is acutely poor in comparison to that of other countries. The Chinese health care system is also ailing. That is one reason why practitioners and their families hold such profound gratitude and respect toward Master. This undying gratitude and respect bestowed by the public on a mere citizen could be the root cause of the then Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin’s jealousy and resentment toward Falun Gong's founder Master Li Hongzhi.