(Minghui.org) After my sister and I were born, my mother got pregnant again with my brother. My father was very patriarchal, and all he ever wanted was a boy. However, after the delivery, my mother had a postpartum hemorrhage and was hospitalized. Our neighbor took care of my brother, who died 10 days later after getting a cold.

This was a huge blow to my father. He moved us to a different city to avoid memories of the tragedy. My mother then gave birth to another sister. Lacking proper care after the delivery, she developed high blood pressure, heart disease, and severe stomach problems.

All this happened just before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the “one-child policy.”

Ashamed at having three daughters, my father became more and more irritable. He began to drink every day and often beat me, my sisters, and Mother.

My entire youth was one of domestic violence, and I barely survived it. Feeling hatred, fear, and helplessness, I often woke up crying: “Why is my life like this?”

My health was poor when I was a child, and I often had a cold. I once got pneumonia. I also inherited my mother's heart problem and rheumatoid arthritis. When the arthritis started, I couldn't even bend over; I often had cramps in my left leg that were intensely painful.

Finding the Practice I Was Looking for – Falun Gong

Qigong had become very popular in our city in the late 1980s. My mother and I tried several kinds of qigong, but they didn't have any effect on us. At the beginning of 1995, we learned Falun Gong, and I had a feeling that this was the practice I was looking for. I was determined to follow Master Li and learn Falun Gong.

We studied the Fa and did the exercises every day. Both of us experienced huge improvements in our health and outlook on life: My mother's diseases all disappeared, and I felt a sense of happiness from deep inside.

Influenced by the changes in us, my father started doing the daily exercises. He immediately quit drinking, a habit of decades. His temper became much better, and he was much less prone to angry outbursts.

He had an ear infection that had gotten worse over the years. One of his eardrums was removed back in the 1980s. After the surgery, he became half-deaf, and a lot of pus and green discharge came out of that ear. The infection gave him periodic headaches.

Other Family Members Start to Practice

After practicing Falun Gong, my father began to look much younger and his ear started to improve. And one day, greatly excited, he suddenly said to us, “I can hear with my deaf ear! It's well now!” He was overjoyed and in tears. The whole family was happy for him.

My older sister and brother-in-law also became Dafa practitioners. My sister suffered from severe kidney problems, which disappeared shortly after starting the practice. My brother-in-law stopped fighting with his brother for their parents' substantial property. He decided to move out their house and rent an apartment for his family. They worked very hard and supported my niece to go to college. She is a now a sophomore. The entire family has been blessed by Dafa.

My grandmother is 86 and has been practicing Falun Gong for 18 years. She had intermittent headaches and wore a hat year round. Due to severe stomach problems, she couldn't eat much and was very thin.

Seeing the miracle that happened to my mother, my grandmother couldn't wait to learn Falun Gong. Soon after, all of her diseases disappeared. Despite her age, she still takes good care of the family and does grocery shopping, as well as cooking and house cleaning. She lives on the third floor and can easily walk up and down the stairs several times a day.

She never went to school and was almost illiterate. After she started practicing Dafa, however, she was enhanced with wisdom and can now read Falun Gong books, as well as recite Master's poems.

Government Officials in My Family Quit the CCP

Most people in my aunt's family are government officials and CCP members. But bearing witness to the health benefits that my grandmother derived from the practice, they all recognized Dafa and have withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

My husband owns a transportation company. He is often out of town driving a truck, but he listens to Dafa music or Master's lectures all the time. If he feels uncomfortable, he recites “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

Once, while driving on a hazardous winter day, the car in front of him spun out of control and turned upside down in a ditch. The car behind him also had an accident. Only his car was safe.

He was blessed by Dafa, and we watched his business become better and better.

My son is also very healthy and rarely gets sick. Once, dozens of his classmates had encephalitis because of the flu, so they canceled classes to prevent the virus from spreading. Many of his classmates were very worried, but my son was fine.

During this grand occasion of the 15 th World Falun Dafa Day and the 22 nd anniversary of Master introducing Dafa to the public, I want to wish Master a Happy Birthday! We all miss you, Master!