(Minghui.org) Our Fa study group was established before July 20, 1999. By following Master's arrangement, every practitioner in this group has been doing the three things on each of their cultivation journeys. Below are a few experiences of how we rescued our fellow practitioners and saved sentient beings.

Rescuing Fellow Practitioners from Further Persecution

In May 2012, we learned that personnel from the 610 Office were going to take Practitioner A, who was to be released from prison, to a brainwashing center. After some discussion we decided to rescue A by picking her up at the prison. Practitioner B, who is practitioner A's husband, and Practitioner C went to the local police station and told police what they were going to do. The police didn't want to have any trouble and said, “You submit to us a written document, and we'll stamp it. Then you can go.”

The local coordinator informed fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts. In the early morning of May 31, Practitioners B and D and two others went to the prison. But the prison authorities demanded that the local police be there to pick up Practitioner A. Fellow practitioners reinforced their righteous thoughts and requested help from Master. They also continued to clarify the truth to the guards. Finally, at 5:00 p.m. that day, Practitioner A was released.

Throughout this successful rescue, fellow practitioners strengthened their righteous thoughts of believing in Master and the Fa. Since then, we have successfully rescued six other practitioners.

Walking on a Righteous Path, Clarifying the Truth and Saving Sentient Beings

Practitioner E was arrested on June 9, 2012. The coordinator informed us to send forth righteous thoughts and coordinated our Fa study group to rescue E. At first, E's husband didn't want to cooperate with us. We helped him to understand the facts about Falun Gong. He then went to the local police station and the police department and asked for his wife's release. We clarified the truth to the police and the court. Practitioner E's family wanted to use their social connections to rescue her. After a discussion, fellow practitioners agreed that we should do it by clarifying the truth according to what is required of us.

After several unsuccessful attempts of demanding the court to release Practitioner E, her husband wanted to pay them off. Some practitioners' minds were also influenced by the outcome. We had a group discussion right away and strengthened our righteous thoughts to negate the persecution. At the same time, we persuaded the practitioner’s husband to not offer money.

Fellow practitioners continued to send forth righteous thoughts over time and at the scene. We did so in a coordinated relay for three days and nights the first time, and for two days and nights the second time.

The rescue effort lasted for half a year. Although the outcome was not what we wanted, and Practitioner E was sentenced to three years of probation, we learned to rescue practitioners as one body, we clarified the truth to those who persecuted practitioners, and we unified local practitioners. Fellow practitioners eliminated many attachments during our rescue efforts.

Clarifying the Truth on a Large Scale

After the 2013 New Year festivities, we saw that many people were still deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lies. We decided to initiate more projects to save sentient beings.

Our city is a minor tourist destination. There are many restaurants and scenic sights, so there are always quite a number of cars in the parking lots and on the streets in the evening. After a discussion, fellow practitioners decided to use this opportunity to clarify the truth to people. During the daytime we did the three things, and in the evening we placed informational materials on the parked cars.

We placed the materials in envelopes and printed short sentences that could inspire people's compassion and a wish for their safety and good health on the outside. We did this twice every week with two groups of practitioners. One practitioner saw a car owner open and read the letter on the windshield and take it home. One police officer said, “I got an excellent Falun Gong letter on my car windshield.”

We spent about three months placing informational materials on parked cars, and then we started delivering the letters to residential buildings. Someone said to a practitioner who knew that person, “I received Falun Gong informational materials at my door and read them. Wow, Falun Gong has spread to the USA; even foreigners are practicing it.”

Several months after we started doing this, there were differing opinions among us on how to select the materials and where to place them. However, we enlightened to Master's Fa:

“If another person's idea can achieve the same effect and you aren't attached to your own idea and instead you go along with his, then whether you've shared your approach or not, Gods will all see this and think, 'Look, he isn't attached, and he's able to be so tolerant and broadminded.' What do Gods look at? Isn't this what they look at? When you're attached to emphasizing your things you are too caught up in it and the Gods watching above can't stand it.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”)

In August 2013, informational organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners was published. We felt that we should deliver this material to hospital residential areas. We went to the largest hospitals in the city and distributed the materials to its residential area and the hospital building.

In our Fa study group there is a senior practitioner who is over 70. He never thinks about his age and does the three things just as other practitioners do.

After going through this period of Fa-rectification cultivation, we all felt that the environment for saving sentient beings is much less intense. This year more Shen Yun Performing Arts DVDs were distributed, and the results of face to face truth clarification were better.

A practitioner over 70 rode a bike to clarify the truth for two hours every day and persuaded over 20 people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations daily. One day he went to a rural town and persuaded over 100 people to quit the CCP. Once a practitioner was distributing Shen Yun Performing Arts DVDs when a police officer saw it and said, “Come with me to the police station.” The practitioner with righteous thoughts replied, “Falun Gong practitioners practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. If you protect good people, you will be protected by heaven.” The officer said, “Don't do it recklessly. You can go.” The practitioner said, “I'll do better next time.” A danger was thus dissolved with righteous thoughts.

Another practitioner was reported for distributing the materials and was detained for 10 days. On the 10th day, her family member went to pick her up. The practitioner told her relative, “The police now know the truth; they even asked me to teach the drug addicts to practice Falun Gong.”

We did what Dafa practitioners are supposed to do and are fulfilling our historic mission. We will continue to follow Master's requirements and do the three things well.