(Minghui.org) It was obvious that my coordination was off while I struggled to do the third standing exercise on the morning of December 17, 2013. After breakfast, I went to the hospital where I work. In my clinic, I had trouble unbuttoning my coat. Then it was difficult for me to put on my doctor's gown. I poured myself a cup of water, spilled it, and the cup tumbled to the floor. When I went to pick up my salary, while counting the bills, they too fell to the floor.

That afternoon I went to study the Fa with fellow practitioners. The book kept falling out of my hands. I could see that my fellow practitioners were alarmed. I, however, was not afraid. I remembered what Master told us in Zhuan Falun :

“Here’s an example. When I was giving a class in Changchun, there was a guy whose base was excellent. He was really good material, and I saw a lot of potential in him. So I increased his hardship a bit to have him pay back his karma soon and have him become Unlocked—that’s what I was planning. But one day he suddenly seemed to have the symptoms of a stroke, he fell down and thought he couldn’t move, and it was like his limbs didn’t work, so they took him to the hospital for emergency care. Then he was back on his feet. Let’s think about it—how could someone who had a stroke be back on his feet again with mobility in his arms and legs so quickly? But then he turned around and said that learning Falun Dafa was what made things go wrong. He didn’t think about how he managed to recover so fast from a stroke. If he hadn’t learned Falun Dafa maybe he would have died right then and there when he fell, or maybe he’d be permanently paralyzed and really have had a stroke.”

As a doctor myself, I knew that the symptoms I was experiencing were those of a stroke. As a practitioner, I understood it was a test from Master. For a practitioner, death just means leaving early, and I am not afraid of death. If, however, I had indeed signed a contract with the old forces to leave early, it would interfere with my spreading the Fa. I am a coordinator. If I were to leave early, those who did not understand the Fa well might not continue to practice. Only those who understand Dafa well would be able to handle it correctly.

My patients all know that I practice Falun Gong. I have spoken with them about Falun Gong and the persecution, helping them to quit the CCP. A vast majority of them have quit, and many of their families also. I felt sorry for the ones who did not quit. I told them, “I cured your illnesses, but did not save your life.”

My patients were also aware that I once had a tumor in my stomach that disappeared after practicing Falun Gong. Also cured were my rheumatoid arthritis and heart diseases. I am now 77. My hearing and sight are perfect. My skin is fair and rosy. My stride is strong and steady. Most people think I can't be a day over 60. Many of my patients learned Falun Gong after seeing the many changes in me. If I were to die, they would be shocked. I am well known, and I wondered how it would affect my patients who do Falun Gong: would they still believe in it?

If I die, I will no longer be able to save sentient beings, and that is not Master's arrangement. I needed to send forth righteous thoughts and deny the arrangements and persecution of the old forces. Master does not accept the old forces' arrangements, and nor should I. I should deny them totally and just follow Master's arrangements.

So when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I denied the old forces, and I recovered within two days! I really appreciate Master's protection and all that he has suffered for me. I do not even know how much Master has suffered in other dimensions on my behalf. I was destined to have a stroke. I knew since the age of 40 that I had thick blood. But I am a Dafa practitioner, the symptoms appeared and were gone quickly. I know I am well because of Master's suffering. I do not even know the words to express my appreciation to Master.

In the past ten years, I have not suffered any persecution because of Master's protection. Master gave me a special ability: I could send out Falun whenever I saw evil. I was protected when there was danger. Master controls everything, and I just use words in this dimension to save sentient beings. I need to be more diligent and save more sentient beings in order to show my appreciation to Master.