(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Gangli is being held at the Shenyang City Detention Center, leaving her handicapped brother without care. Her family hired an attorney, who was not allowed to meet with her.

Ms. Liu and a friend went to the No. 1 Cadre's Sanatorium in the Shenhe District to visit relatives on February 27, 2014. Both were arrested for distributing materials about Falun Gong, and taken to the Binhe Police Station.

They were released, but the police then followed them home. As soon as Ms. Liu got home, the Binhe Police Station officers, including Feng Kai, Shi Xiaoguo, and Li Yang, broke in, ransacked the home, and confiscated her computer and other items. Ms. Liu was taken back to the Binhe Police Station and then transferred to the Shenyang City Detention Center the following day.

Officers from the Binhe Police Station later filed charges against her. Without notifying her family, her arrest was approved on March 20, 2013, by agents from the No. 1 Division of the Shenhe District Procuratorate. The case was later returned to the Shenhe District Domestic Division for further investigation.

Ms. Liu's family went to the Binhe Police Station, Shenhe District Procuratorate, Shenhe Police Department, and Shenhe Domestic Security Division many times to ask about her case, but they were not able to find the person in charge of the case, nor why Ms. Liu was being held. Her daughter tried to inquire at the Shenhe Police Department to ask about her mother's case but was pushed out the door.

The family hired an attorney. Neither the attorney nor her family were allowed to meet with her, because, they were told, she refused to wear the prison uniform and was not cooperating when being tortured.

Background on Ms. Liu

Ms. Liu Gangli, 49, lives in the Tiexi District of Shenyang City. Before she began practicing Falun Gong, she had a bad temper, and drank and smoked. She was diagnosed with a uterine tumor in 2008. After practicing Falun Gong she returned to good health, stopped drinking and smoking, and her temper improved.

Parties Involved in Persecuting Ms. Liu: Tian Gang, deputy director of Binhe Police Station: Police ID 109143 Feng Kai, police officer: +86-18642019962 (Cell) Binghe Police Station, Shenhe District, Shenyang City: +86-24-24813096 (Office)