(Minghui.org) In discussions with several local practitioners recently, I noticed some of us had not yet paid much attention to cultivating xinxing, despite tremendous efforts to save sentient beings. Here, I would like to share my experiences, hoping they will be beneficial for us to improve as one body.

On a few occasions, I noticed some practitioners mainly focused on others—how well or poorly fellow practitioners had behaved—and forgot to look within. When this happens, serious loopholes form. The attachments, resembling gigantic black diamonds in other dimensions, block practitioners from advancing on their cultivation path. Furthermore, such attachments hide under disguise, making them barely noticeable. Only after lifting the cover can one see the dense and filthy concealed substance beneath.

When we encounter specific issues, many practitioners see wrongdoings in others. Even though they also mention where they fall short, they don't really take it to heart. This has almost become force of habit. Only when we see where we are wrong and which attachment caused problems, can Master help us eliminate the substances after we clearly identify them. The problem can then be resolved.

Some practitioners don't want to deal with ordinary people or other practitioners they look down upon. These practitioners think that others are not good. However, once we think others are wrong, it means that we think we are right. Only when we recognize our own mistakes and look inward are we able to identify the attachments. Sometimes these attachments are so filthy that they are no different than those of everyday people.

We've all had grievances. As long as they are still on our mind, we have not completely overcome the tribulation. They were simply subdued. The substances that are like a mountain in other dimensions are still there. We need to look within and find the fundamental reason for the discomfort or pain, and abandon the attachments. Then Master can help us clean them away.

At this time, we will know where we have done wrong. Conflicts disappear, and we experience the joy of improving in cultivation.

Many practitioners evaluate others with the Fa principles, and by doing so cover up their own attachments. Instead of looking inward, they tend to treat suffering as cultivation. When the black substance is not removed, they experience troubles one after another. When we look within, we often find that what we see as problems in others are actually the reflection of our own problems.

Many are laboring in their cultivation because they carry the black substances that have lingered for too long. My understanding is that we have all suffered so much and have done the three things well, but if we keep these bad substances and haven't had much fundamental improvement in our cultivation, what are we facing in the future?

I have recently seen that some practitioners have not truly cultivated their xinxing, so they are still far away from their true home, even though they have done a lot of projects. If we haven't cultivated our xinxing, then we are like everyday people who do Dafa projects. There are only blessings, but not mighty virtue.

Cultivation is very serious. And the standards are not up to us. It's not a matter of cultivating as much as we can. It's a matter of meeting the requirements of the new universe. It's also not a matter of doing better than other practitioners. Our understanding must be based on the Fa. We must change our human notions.

We all need to evaluate ourselves according to the Fa and see if we have truly met the requirements of the Fa. From my recent reading, I realize that the Fa's requirements are actually very high, even though they may not look so difficult on the surface. I used to think it would not be a big deal if I couldn't achieve what Master had required of me. Now I realize that Master's requirements must be met! There is no other way out.