(Minghui.org) A practitioner from Nanjing visited us yesterday. He told us that more than 20 practitioners in Nanjing were recently arrested.

According to him, an elderly practitioner in the area had passed the test of sickness karma, and many practitioners who heard about it went to see him. As his “reputation” grew, about 25 practitioners often visited him. The elderly practitioner prepared meals for them, and they sang songs together. A special agent from the Chinese Communist Party was able to infiltrate the group and took many pictures. These practitioners were subsequently arrested.

I recall similar incidents that happened in Dalian, where more than 20 practitioners got together and took group pictures and were later arrested.

I would like to share my understanding on the reason these practitioners were arrested.

Treating Other Practitioners as Role Models and Not Taking the Fa as Teacher

There are practitioners who have cultivated well, and many practitioners want to hear about their experiences. The latter group often do not look at issues from the principles of the Fa. They have instead become dependent on other practitioners and like to consult with those who have cultivated well. They have forgotten that taking the Fa as Teacher is most fundamental.

When they admire and depend on other practitioners, the old forces can use this attachment to persecute them. And when they do not cultivate themselves, they are missing opportunities to elevate their xinxing. They should learn to think independently.

When a practitioner cultivates well, it is because he is in line with the requirements of the Fa in certain aspects, and it is not because he has done something special. Every practitioner must cultivate solidly.

Afraid of Being Lonely

Some elderly practitioners do not work and thus have more time in their hands. They are afraid of being lonely, and often spend their free time with other practitioners. Besides cultivation issues, they often talk about mundane things. These practitioners have not utilized their time effectively.

Practitioners who are diligent and do the three things well often feel that there is not enough time and do not waste their precious time.

Not Paying Attention to Safety

Not paying attention to safety or being courageous in an irrational manner is not the same as having righteous thoughts. Some practitioners have become more negligent because their cultivation environment is more relaxed. Sometimes they communicate with practitioners via mobile phone to save themselves the trouble of talking in person. Some Fa study groups read so loudly that their neighbors can hear them.

As long as the persecution is not over, the bad elements will continue to interfere with us. The reason why some practitioners are being arrested has not much to do with the external environment. It is because they have not eliminated their human attachments. The more attachments they have, the more likely they will be persecuted. Therefore, we should always look inward to see where we are lacking.

Those who truly cultivate well were not persecuted when the evil was most rampant. Practitioners are persecuted, physically and financially, because of their human attachments. Master said, “Remove your human thoughts and evil will naturally die out.” (“Don’t Be Sad” from ( Hong Yin II) The fewer human notions and attachments we have, the more righteous our thoughts are and the safer our environment will become.

These are my understandings about the recent arrests of practitioners in Nanjing. Please kindly correct me if there is anything inappropriate.