(Minghui.org) I had a dream one night that on a crossroad was a large black gate with a sign reading, “Gate of No-Life,” and a person was walking toward the gate. I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from it, and then saw that the person was my husband.

I woke up in chills. I understood that Master used that dream to tell me that I needed to save my husband, regardless of what he had done to me. But how could I save him if he beat me every time I mentioned Falun Gong to him?

The dream had told me that I should not give up on him, because Master wanted me to save him. Therefore, I searched inside myself, treated him compassionately, and continued clarifying the facts to him. My perseverance eventually helped him to return to Dafa. With my encouragement, my mother, brothers and their wives, as well as some other relatives all became Falun Gong practitioners. I have also helped my great uncle and his wife to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Saving My Husband

I started practicing Falun Gong along with my husband and son before the persecution. Although my husband only practiced the exercises, Master nonetheless protected him. In a short period of time, all of his illnesses were cured. We offered both of our houses for practitioners to practice the exercises and study the Fa.

My husband knew how horrific the CCP’s political movements were, and used to tell our son how fathers fought against sons, and vice versa, during the Cultural Revolution. However, after the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, he was deceived by the CCP’s slander against Falun Gong. He closely watched us and prevented us from practicing the exercises and studying the Fa. He also instigated our entire family to put pressure on us.

Our son ran away from home after my husband beat him. He also beat me constantly, and tore all my clothes. He pulled my hair, choked my neck against a bed, and tied my arms behind me. He once threw a teapot at my head, and cut my face. However, I followed Master’s teaching in Zhuan Falun , to “...not fight back when being punched or insulted...” so I did not struggle.

When I was notified by the municipal government to report to a brainwashing center, I planned to hide at my mother’s place, but I didn't know that she had already prepared for me to go to the brainwashing center.

After my husband was diagnosed with cancer, I hoped that he would finally accept Dafa, which could really save him, but he continued beating me every time I mentioned Dafa to him. His condition deteriorated, and I was worried that he would lose his chance forever. I cried at Master’s portrait, “Master, how can I save that person? Every time I tell him about Dafa, he beats me so irrationally.”

From then on, I often thought about what was really preventing him from being saved.

I took my husband to Beijing to seek medical treatment at the Beijing No. 301 Hospital in July 2001. We stayed in a hotel waiting for the hospital to have an open bed for him, and I thought about how I could save him. Sitting next to him, I sent forth righteous thoughts to cleanse our environment.

I realized that during the past two years, I always had fear when I talked to him about Dafa, as I was afraid that he would beat me, or berate me. Due to my fear, the vicious spirits gripped him even more tightly, and the poisoned side in him grew stronger. I suddenly enlightened that when I was clarifying the facts to him, I should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the side of him that was occupied by the evil forces.

I then talked to my husband’s original pure nature, “Your enlightened side knows that you came here to obtain the Fa, so you should pick up your spirits. I can eliminate the interference from the CCP, but you must cooperate with me to be saved.” After that, I began to send forth strong righteous thoughts again.

Then he woke up. He asked me to tell him honestly if he had cancer. I calmly told him, “I’ve been to every corner of Beijing looking for a cure for your disease to no avail, but I won’t give up. I know what can actually cure you, but since you don’t want to take that path, we have to search for other ways to cure your disease.”

He said, “I don’t want the treatment anymore. I want to go home.” I told him that I could not give up on him. He asked how I was going to live if we spent all of our money on his treatment, and I replied that we could start all over again. He then told me that he wanted to go home with me to practice Falun Gong. Thrilled, I told him that he should start reading Zhuan Falun , and that I would call his brother to arrange discontinuing the medical treatment.

After reading three chapters of Zhuan Falun in the hotel, he knelt down in front of Master’s portrait and asked Master to forgive him. He promised that he would follow Master to the end. He then meditated for half an hour. He had finally returned to Dafa, and became very diligent for the remainder of his life, in both Fa-study and saving sentient beings.

Letting Go of Grudges, Saving My Brother

I was a very successful businesswoman before the CCP launched its persecution of Falun Gong. Since my first younger brother was laid off from work, I invited him to help me with my business, and told him that we could split the profits.

However, after I was detained, became homeless, and after my husband later passed away, and when our parents were seriously ill, my brother transferred our business entirely to his name.

From being a wealthy person, I had suddenly become penniless, and was no longer able to support my son, who was going to college overseas. I made only about 7000 yuan per year, and lived in a small rental house. However, the harsh situation did not shrink my determination. I constantly searched for what I had done wrong, and elevated myself while cultivating in Dafa. I was gradually able to completely let go of my troubled mind as well as my grudge against my brother.

In the past, my brother had rejected my attempts to clarify the facts to him. But after I completely let go of my grudge against him, he changed his attitude toward me. He even brought a few people to help me move, and treated us for dinner in a restaurant.

Before we began to eat, I proposed a toast, “I want to say a few words before moving away. I’m grateful for my brother’s help today, and I also appreciate everyone’s help.” My brother then asked if I had other wishes. I told him that I felt guilty that I could not even save my own brother. He asked how I could save him, so I told him that doing the three withdrawals could protect their lives. I also told everyone how important it was for them to have a positive view toward and correct understanding of Falun Gong. I told them how the CCP had poisoned the minds of the Chinese people, and how I wished that my brother would withdraw from the Communist Youth League, of which he was member.

He immediately agreed to comply. Lifting his wine glass with his eyes closed, he sincerely announced that his withdrawal from the Youth League. He commented that he knew long ago that the CCP was vicious. I then took the opportunity to help the others to do the three withdrawals too.

As I constantly clarified the facts to them, my family and friends all changed. My second younger brother used to be a drug addict. With my help, he and his hot-tempered wife both began cultivating in Dafa. My youngest brother and his wife also became practitioners. My father read Dafa books before he passed away, and my mother still studies the Fa every day. In addition, some of our relatives travel from afar to study the Fa with us.

My great uncle’s wife used to appear on government TV very often to promote the CCP’s agenda. After visiting us, he and his wife both quit the CCP, and his wife said that she would no longer appear on TV. She even told her colleagues that she had quit the CCP.

My new business is now doing well. The evil forces’ intent to destroy us financially has failed. Of course I still need to work more diligently, and overcome the fear that sometimes prevents me from saving more sentient beings. I will follow Teacher’s teachings and save more sentient beings. I will continue walking on the path to assist Teacher in validating the Fa.