(Minghui.org) Ms. Sun Li developed heart problems and had several heart attacks due to her ill-treatment in Liaoning Women's Prison. But she was still forced to do hard labor by the prison guards.

Guard Li Jin ordered inmates Wang Lihong and Liu Mingxia to abuse and torture Ms. Sun. They forced her to stand barefoot next to open windows in the middle of winter without any warm clothing.

One night, Ms. Sun was taken to a room used for torturing practitioners. She managed to get out and shout in the hallway, “Wang Lihong is abusing Falun Gong practitioners.” Wang then quickly dragged her back into the room and viciously punched and kicked her.

Ms. Sun later confronted guard Li Jin about the incident, and said: “I am not a criminal. Even if I was, Wang Lihong is an inmate. What right does she have to treat me like this?” Li had nothing to say.

In the prison workshop, Ms. Sun was monitored by a few hand-picked inmates and was not allowed to talk to anyone. Some inmates humiliated her and verbally abused her to please the guards. Ms. Sun eventually became too weak to work and started having problems with her heart. She had several heart attacks and was treated at the prison hospital.

When Ms. Sun was unable to walk back to her room from the prison hospital one time, a kindhearted inmate let her sit in a wheelchair. But when Liu Xiaoyan, head of the prison guards, saw this, Liu said angrily, “Let her walk back.”

Ms. Sun’s condition worsened and she had to be treated in a hospital outside of the prison. She was put on a heart monitor 24 hours a day , as the doctor believed she was in critical condition. Liu Xiaoyan did not want to acknowledge this and took Ms. Sun back to the prison hospital, and told the doctor there to monitor her heart. The results showed that Ms. Sun's condition was still very serious. Yet prison officials insisted that she was to return to do hard labor. Ms. Sun was not allowed to call home to let her family know about her condition.

Ms. Sun Li, from Xiongyue Township, Bayuquan District, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, was illegally arrested on September 23, 2009, along with her husband Mr. Bi Shijun. In July 2010, they were given prison sentences of five and seven years respectively.