(Minghui.org) I would like to share an incident that demonstrates how powerful righteous thoughts are: how I walked out of a detention center and got back the copier and materials the police had confiscated.

Towards the end of June 2013, we planned to set up a truth-clarification materials production site at a practitioner's place. Three of us practitioners pooled over 10,000 yuan and purchased a big copier, four boxes of printing paper and some other materials. Since one practitioner's husband is a taxi driver, I asked him to help bring the equipment to the site.

I felt rather pleased as things seemed to be going smoothly. However, we were stopped at an intersection by traffic police. I wasn't calm enough and the police held the taxi and took me to the traffic police branch. They put me in handcuffs. I kept clarifying the truth to them.

The case officer took me to the reception room and cuffed me to an interrogation chair. I told them I'm a Falun Gong practitioner and kept clarifying the facts to them.

Later, I was taken to the criminal investigation section. All the police officers came over to see what was happening and I clarified the truth to them. When the head of the police department passed by and saw so many officers in the room, he asked casually, “Are you giving a lecture?” The case officer said, “She's giving us a lecture.” The head didn't say anything and left.

That evening, a police officer came to interrogate me. I remembered Master's teaching and didn't cooperate with his demands. He didn't get anything out of me and took me back to the reception room.

The young man on duty was a temporary worker in his 20s. I clarified the facts to him until midnight and he understood what I told him. The next day, the person who came to relieve his shift was also a young man. He had just graduated from a university and told me that three or four of his family members were in the police force. I told him no matter what they did, they mustn't persecute Falun Gong.

Other officers walked in and out of the reception room and I kept clarifying the facts to them and told them that it's a sin to persecute Dafa.

The young man on duty asked me, “What can I do for you?” I told him not to cooperate with those who were breaking the law.

The next morning, some officers were sent to search my home. The young man was asked to be the driver. He went reluctantly. They came back with only a few truth-clarification booklets and a few of Master's teachings that I had hand-copied.

That afternoon, they took me to the criminal investigation office again. On the table were the booklets and hand-copied teachings from my home. They said they were evidence of my “crimes” and took a photo of them.

Just then, the deputy chief in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong, the head of the criminal investigation branch and four or five officers started to attack me. One of them threw the teachings and a portrait of Master on the floor. I bent down and picked them up one by one, with my hands still cuffed. I put the teachings neatly into my bag and put the portrait in my pocket.

While I was doing this, none of them moved. They just silently looked at me. When I finished, they seemed to have woken up from a sleep and started to say bad things against Master. I stopped them and said loudly, “No one should defame my Master. Whoever does it is committing a crime.” They all became quiet. I knew that they were stopped by the power of my righteous actions.

They sent me back to the reception room. The young man on duty said, “After they leave, I'll unlock your handcuffs so you can do the exercises.”

Later, the case officer sent me to a detention center. I went on a hunger strike to protest. I could feel waves of warm currents running through my body when I was still.

Since I hadn't passed the test of family affection very well, the head of the detention center called my family members and told them to come see me once every couple of days, attempting to weaken my resolve. On the ninth day of my hunger strike, I heard a voice saying, “You'll be ill tomorrow and will be released.”

Then I remembered Master's teaching in Zhuan Falun about the issue of pursuit. I realized that the voice wasn't a hint dropped by Master, and thought: I won't be ill and I will get out.

On the morning of the 11 th day of my hunger strike, they took me to hospital for a checkup. Everything was normal and I was brought back to the detention center.

I was released after being detained for 15 days. My husband told me, “Your case isn't over yet. The police department said you would be sentenced heavily.” I told myself: What they say doesn't count. I only listen to what Master says.

A month later, two officers came to my house and told me to go to the police department with them.

I said, “I will only go with you if I'm going there to pick up the copier.” When my husband came home they told him, “Her forced labor document has been approved. We need to take her away today.” I told them, “No, I won't go with you.” They said, “It's decided by the head of the police department.” I told them, “What he decided doesn't count. I only listen to my Master.”

They called the driver downstairs, but he took a long time to respond, and I took the opportunity to go and change clothes. They thought I was going to escape by climbing out of the building and called their superiors, who immediately ordered them to come back.

The next day, I went to stay with a relative out of town and continued with the work to validate Dafa. My husband called me a couple of weeks later, saying that the police had withdrawn the document to put me into a forced labor camp and I could now return home. When I got home I asked my husband if the police mentioned returning the copier. My husband said they didn't. He didn't want me to go to the police for the copier as he was worried I might be persecuted again. I thought: I'm Dafa disciple and I will go to get it back.

I went to the traffic police branch for the copier and the other things they had confiscated. They told me to come back and pick them up the next day. When my husband and I went to pick them up in the storehouse, the police officer in charge said, “We didn't touch anything. Even when we ran out of printing paper, we didn't dare to touch a single piece of yours.”

I thought: Master is keeping an eye on Dafa things. No one dared to touch them. I noticed that everything was neatly placed in the storehouse. When I opened my bag, the hand-copied teachings were also there. I called a taxi and brought everything back, except for the truth-clarification booklets, which I left for the police to read.

Through this incident, I came to some understandings. I feel deeply that as long as we truly cultivate, Master is by our side at all times, and as long as our hearts are on the Fa, Master can do anything for us. Thank you Master for your compassionate salvation! Thank you fellow practitioners for your unselfish help and support!

Please kindly point out anything improper.