(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhang Yanmei from Changchun City is currently detained at Xinkang Prison and her physical condition is deteriorating. She was illegally arrested on the morning of January 13, 2014 at her home. Ms. Zhang's family has now hired a lawyer to defend her.

About 20 officers from the Changchun City Police Department and the Domestic Security Division broke into Ms. Zhang’s home in the Shuijingge District on the morning of January 13, and arrested her and her sister. Her sister Zhang Yanxia tore up the police search permit. They were handcuffed behind their backs and forcibly taken from their home. Ms. Zhang’s home was searched, and police took a large amount of cash and personal belongings. Later the police returned the cash.

While police were breaking into Ms. Zhang’s house, her 70-year-old mother was resting in bed and was using an oxygen inhaler to breathe. The elderly lady had just been discharged from a hospital after having a heart attack. However, police totally ignored the mother’s condition, and handcuffed her daughters in front of her. Their mother’s condition deteriorated, and she had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency care, and was in critical condition.

Threatened and Tortured

Ms. Zhang was given a physical exam at the City Hospital after she was arrested and tortured at the police station. She was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat and fibrillations. She was later sent to Xinkang Prison, but the prison refused to admit her based on her physical condition. She was taken to the third detention center, but she was rejected due to her condition. Police sent her again to the third detention center the next day and then to the Xinkang Prison after the third detention again refused to take her. At Xinkang Prison, she was admitted as a tuberculosis patient.

Ms. Zhang is still detained at Xinkang Prison and her health condition is worse. Since her mother was very sick when she was arrested, she is very worried about her parents. Her father, in his 70s, was disabled after having a stroke. Her parents are also worried about her and they are very sick. However, even under such conditions, police still would not release Ms. Zhang.