(Minghui.org) Practitioners in our area haven't been doing well cooperating as one body for more than ten years. Many have failed to see that this resulted in serious losses and interference. I would like to share what is keeping our local practitioners from cooperating and coordinating together. By doing so, I hope we can improve together, and practitioners in other areas can avoid making the same mistakes.

Practicing Truthfulness

Having been educated in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture, some practitioners still behave in different ways. When some fellow practitioners don't behave in conformance with the Fa, the others don't point it out, in order to avoid a conflict and protect themselves. They don't stand up for what is right.

Several practitioners tried to gain the coordinator's trust by praising him, instead of telling him the truth. They didn't realize that their actions weren't appropriate for practitioners.

Practitioners should inform the coordinator if he behaves like an everyday person instead of a practitioner when handling issues. Failure to do so can lead to lack of cooperation and cohesiveness within the group, and result in more tribulations for everyone. Trying to maintain a superficial harmony is not being truthful.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Properly

Many practitioners can't keep their palm upright when sending forth righteous thoughts, and some even fall asleep. As a result, the ability to eliminate the evil is hampered. These practitioners still don't seem to understand the real significance of sending forth righteous thoughts. Unfortunately, this has been going on for a long time in our area.

The inability to properly send righteous thoughts has allowed the evil to stay in our dimension and continue to make us feel tired or fall asleep when studying the Fa or doing the Falun Dafa exercises.

The lack of progress in cultivation has led to serious persecution. Several practitioners were arrested in 2013, and held for over six months. Their relatives who tried to help them were also arrested.

A Fa-study group for elderly practitioners also has issues with sending righteous thoughts. One of them passed away, and another is now in the hospital. The rest of them have symptoms of sickness karma in various degrees. I believe that the lack of seriousness in sending forth righteous thoughts may result in disharmony at home, financial problems, etc.

Eliminating the Attachment to Lust

When a practitioner refuses to give up the attachment to lust, the old forces won't allow this practitioner to continue cultivating, even if Teacher wants to give this practitioner more opportunity, or fellow practitioners want to help. The practitioner must eliminate the attachment themselves.

One practitioner in our area has passed away because he refused to give up the attachment to lust. Several others who are still strongly attached to lust have misled the general public into being suspicious of practitioners. These practitioners should ask themselves, “Have I been practicing the Fa to benefit myself?” and “How long will I continue to be a disgrace to Dafa?”

Putting the Fa Into Practice

Fa-rectification is in its last phase. Some practitioners still don't look within to find and let go of their attachments. Some think that they will advance more quickly if they follow the practitioners who are doing well in cultivation.

There are also some practitioners who boldly state, “In higher realms, you only need to make a choice. If you keep on looking within for attachments, that in itself is an attachment.” These people haven't eliminated many of their attachments, and are now imprisoned by the CCP.

Other problems associated with not putting the Fa into practice include practitioners who:

1. Consider the work they have done in saving sentient beings as cultivation. They don't let go of their attachments, and end up being controlled by the attachment of lust. 2. Focus on making money. They raise funds to purchase initial stock offerings that have resulted in huge losses. 3. Can't let go of the affection to family, leading to persecution by the old forces and the loss of family members. 4. Criticize others undergoing tribulations. These practitioners are providing more reasons for the old forces to persecute those going through hardships.

When practitioners hold on to human ways of doing things, they are allowing the evil in other dimensions to get stronger, because their thoughts and actions don't conform with the Fa. Furthermore, their loopholes prevent them from following the Fa. They end up having a negative influence on practitioners in their area.

Let us diligently move forward together. Those who are still after personal benefits should seriously think about putting the Fa principles into practice. Teacher is waiting for our return through cultivation. We came to this world together to save sentient beings and purify ourselves through cultivation, so that we can return to our true homes.

My level of understanding is limited. Please point out anything that is improper.