(Minghui.org) Video gaming can become an addiction and leave children little time for practicing Falun Gong, socializing with friends, or doing homework.

My husband was illegally arrested five times for practicing Falun Gong. He lost his job and was detained, sentenced to forced labor, tortured, and left home to avoid being arrested again. He died in prison in 2006 as a result of the persecution.

As a single parent, I raised our son by myself. He is now a sophomore in college. He used to study the Fa occasionally, but after he went to college, he stopped studying the Fa and practicing the exercises.

He was addicted to video games.

Each semester he became ill and looked pale. He came down the chicken pox and a bowl-size scar from a mosquito bite was not healing well. That kept him from completing the swimming test required by the school.

When he came home on vacation, he said his feet hurt, so he did not want to go out to clarify the truth or study the Fa and do the exercises. I was certain that the bad elements were interfering with him. I asked him to look inward to find his attachments, but he was unable to quit his addiction.

When he came home during the winter break, he didn't want to get up at six in the morning to send forth righteous thoughts and slept in. One day while I was doing the exercises, I heard him screaming in pain. I walked into the room and saw that his face was very pale. I shook him, but he was so stiff he couldn't get up. His speech was slurred, and I couldn't understand a word he was saying. I was so scared that I started to cry.

He woke up a few minutes later and said he didn't know what had happened. He told me that he wanted to wake up but couldn't. I told him he was possessed by the video game demons. I asked him to kneel down in front of Teacher's photo and vow that he would never play video games again. He followed my instructions.

I sent forth righteous thoughts every day to eliminate all the bad elements that were preventing him from doing the three things. He told me later that he was ready to study the Fa with the group, practice the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts.

We went to a practitioner's home after the Chinese New Year to study and practice. We sent forth righteous thoughts for an hour, studied the Fa for an hour, and did the sitting meditation for one hour. My son did the sitting meditation for three hours in the single lotus position. Since then, we have studied the Fa and done the exercises every day. Plus, we are reading Teacher's earlier lectures.

Despite his improvement, he still couldn't get up to send forth righteous thoughts. One day at six in morning, I heard him scream again. This time I was not as afraid. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the bad elements that were interfering with him, and he woke up shortly after.

He said he had been very diligent about studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, so why was he still being attacked by demons. I said maybe it was because he didn't delete all the video files from his computer allowing the bad elements to stay in his dimension. He quickly deleted all the games from his computer and cell phone.

He began to send righteous thoughts four times a day and spent four hours on Fa study, along with going out to clarify the truth.

He is back in school and reads one chapter of Zhuan Falun each day. He says the demons have not returned and he is in good health.

I hope my son's experience serves as a reminder for other young practitioners. Please stay away from video games, study the Fa with diligence, and keep up with the Fa-rectification process.