(Minghui.org) I worked in a state-run enterprise. The business signed a contract with all the employees, promising they would put money into our retirement pension fund. In fact, they had stopped putting money aside for us for four years without telling us. This meant that my retirement entitlement was much less than it should have been. I didn't know this until I went to arrange for my retirement.

Master said in (“Touring North America to Teach the Fa”), “When you conduct yourselves righteously Master can do anything for you.”

I would like to share my experience in overcoming the financial persecution some practitioners are experiencing. Please kindly point out anything improper in my sharing.

My husband and I work in the same company. After he learned what had happened, he went to the department and reported it. They were very rude, and he didn't get anywhere. He then went to talk to the next level up, asking that our company pay the missing pension money. They also tried to shift their responsibility.

I didn't have a clear understanding about this issue at the time. I just thought that I was able to let go of personal interests and wasn't attached to money. Besides, I felt I did pretty well in promoting Dafa and clarifying the facts at work, and many people, from the director, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary to general employees, had learned the truth and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I was worried that this situation might cause people to have a bad impression of Falun Dafa, so I tried to persuade my husband to stop talking to people about it.

My husband is not a practitioner, and he insisted on getting justice. He usually listens to me, but this time he refused. He said, “Don't you always say that we should support what is right?”

The situation seemed hopeless, so my husband filed a complaint with the tribunal against our company. However, because our company bribed the tribunal leader, we lost the case.

Next, my husband filed an appeal with the district court, but that court was also bought off by our company. His appeal was dismissed because the court deliberately referred to the wrong regulations.

Refusing to give in, my husband appealed to the city's Intermediate Court. However, our company once again bought off the deputy director and the chief judge, who then rejected our appeal and sustained the original judgment.

Throughout the process, I failed to regard the issue on the basis of the Fa and was blocked by the notion of “being a good person.” Through Fa study and sharing with fellow practitioners, I began to think more deeply with a calm mind and realized that this was financial persecution by the old forces.

Master told us clearly:

“The article discusses with much clarity the question of how to handle Fa-rectification and cultivation. During the Fa-rectification, Dafa disciples have a different situation from when personal cultivation was done in the past. In the face of the groundless harming, in the face of the persecution of Dafa, and in the face of the injustice forced upon us, we cannot handle things or categorically accept things as before in personal cultivation, because Dafa disciples are now in the Fa-rectification period. If a problem isn’t caused by our own attachments or mistakes, then it must be that the evil is interfering or doing bad things.” (“Fa-Rectification and Cultivation” in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

As Master also said:

“I’ll be happy when your businesses grow even bigger and you have ever greater wealth. My only concern is that you won’t achieve this. If you all had great financial means, wouldn’t you have greater strength to draw upon for these things that Dafa disciples do to validate the Fa? Wouldn’t that be outstanding? I have never told you to be like those mountain-dwelling cultivators, who’d rather go penniless. That’s because you cannot be like that when your cultivation is carried out in ordinary human society.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting”)

I realized that, although we are not attached to money, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't have money. Our money is for saving sentient beings and validating the Fa. It wasn't an accident that my husband insisted on getting justice. We hadn't done anything wrong, but our company did. Everything I have belongs to Dafa, and my income is also a resource for Dafa, so I mustn't allow the old forces to persecute me financially.

My husband wanted to appeal to higher level authorities. He said, “We have Master and justice on our side. What are we afraid of!” I was touched by what he said and knew that our compassionate Master was strengthening our righteous thoughts.

The appeals office is surrounded by plainclothes police, security guards, and people assigned to intercept anyone coming to appeal. They thought my husband was one of the guards and he walked right into the office without any difficulty.

He told a staff member he was there to appeal and handed him the file. The employee looked at the file and checked my ID card in the system, which showed that I practiced Falun Gong. He asked my husband if I was there with him. My husband said, “No, I'm here on her behalf.” My husband didn't want me to get involved from the very beginning in order to protect me.

With the help of Master's strengthening and protection, the staff member called the parties involved in our local area and told them to resolve the issue properly. My husband came home without encountering any trouble. Thank you, Master, for always protecting us!

In the end our company agreed to compensate me with one payment of 90,000 yuan. Everyone said, “This is the first time we've ever heard of the court compensating anyone.” While on the surface it seemed that the appeals office employee followed up on the case, in fact it all came from the power of Dafa.

Once again my family witnessed the amazing effect of Dafa, and they all agreed that we should use part of the compensation to save sentient beings and validate the Fa.

There were ups and downs during the whole process, which truly reflected the big battle between righteousness and evil in other dimensions. We were also threatened, and everyday people who knew about the situation thought we had no chance to win. I kept sending righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil beings and elements in other dimensions that persecute practitioners, and I also made phone calls to clarify the truth.

The day before they made the payment, the chief at work called my husband in and said that we need to guarantee not to appeal anymore before they paid us. They had already drafted the statement and told us to sign it.

My husband agreed and brought the statement home. He said, “Sign this, and we can get the money tomorrow.” I read the statement, which roughly said what we did brought trouble to the leadership, that we promised not to give them anymore trouble, and that we were very grateful for their tolerance.

I told my husband, “We mustn't sign this. If we do, it means we acknowledge that we did something wrong.” My husband got impatient and said, “If we don't sign it, they won't give us the money.” I told him, “If we sign this, we will lose our integrity in exchange for money.”

Instead of signing it, I wrote another statement in which I forgave them for their wrongdoing and accepted the one-time compensation. I asked my husband to take it in.

I understood from the Fa: I'm a Dafa disciple and everything we do will be left for future generations, and we must do everything righteously. I would rather not have the money than winking at wrongdoings.

When my husband came home from work, he told me that the chief wanted to see me.

When I went to see him, my mind was very calm and he was deeply impressed with my demeanor that practitioners have from cultivating in Dafa. He said in admiration, “Now that I've finally met you, you are totally different from what I thought.”

We had a very pleasant chat and I told him about Falun Gong and clarified the facts to him. He was very pleased and kept thanking me.

In the past, my relatives and friends only knew that we were being persecuted for practicing Falun Gong without knowing more about the grace and dignity of Dafa. This is my fault, because I was blocked by my own notions and attachments. Dafa disciples are good people, but it doesn't mean that they can be easily bullied.

My son has a well-paying job with very promising prospects. In today's society when morals are rapidly going downhill, people would have to pay hundreds of thousands of yuan to bribe their way into a job like his, but my son got it without spending a cent. My son said, “This is a blessing from Master and Dafa.”

It's truly a blessing to be able to cultivate in Dafa. It is also part of our cultivation to demonstrate the grace and wonders of Dafa to the people through our own conduct, as this is also validating the Fa and has a positive impact on our truth-clarification and saving sentient beings.