(Minghui.org) Although the article “ Why Has One's ‘Illness’ Not Gone Away? ” focuses on sickness karma, it has prompted me to think further about the issue of having faith in Master and the Fa as well as letting go of human notions.

The issue of sickness karma has perplexed many practitioners. Some of us are able to overcome the issue with righteous thoughts, while some have been troubled by it for a long time; some have passed away as a result.

We all know that sickness karma is not the same as everyday people's illnesses at all. Rather, these tribulations are opportunities for us to examine our faith in Master and the Fa.

In “Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun,” Master said:

“True cultivators have no illnesses...”

In Zhuan Falun, Master said, “... we will push you beyond it, making your body reach a state free of any illness.”

My understanding is that Master has purified our bodies, and whatever occurs to us is due to either karma or interference. When one has a pure heart and fully believes in Master and the Fa, one can overcome the tribulation for sure.

On the other hand, if a practitioner evaluates this issue from the perspective of an everyday person, he or she may be misled by the pain and other superficial phenomena.

In the case that a practitioner considers the manifestation of sickness karma as a real illness, he has already forgotten Master's words: “True cultivators have no illnesses...”

Many everyday people have seen significant improvement to their health, including recovering from fatal diseases, by reciting “Falun Dafa is good.” Yet some practitioners have not passed such sickness karma tribulations well and have even died.

But the issue doesn't stop at sickness karma; we may need to think further about the seriousness of cultivation. Whether we have a pure heart and to what extent we believe in Master and the Fa is entirely up to us. We need to learn from past lessons and close the gap between our cultivation state and the requirements of the Fa.

When practitioners are caught up in long-term sickness karmic tribulations, they are more vulnerable to being influenced by human notions. This includes the attachments of fear and pursuit of relief of pain.

In “Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference,” Master said:

“Currently, whether it is karma elimination or interference from evil factors, that is all the work of the old forces.”

We should negate the old force's arrangements and firmly believe in Master and the Fa. This is also a prerequisite for us to walk our paths well.