(Minghui.org) The Fa-rectification is progressing rapidly and has come to the last leg of the last stage. The CCP could be disintegrated any day, and when this happens, we will lose our current cultivation environment.

I've noticed that some practitioners are still rather slack in doing the exercises. They're afraid of hardships in spring, the heat in summer, mosquitoes in autumn, and the cold in winter. In short, they just cannot endure any hardship and are attached to comfort.

Some practitioners also hold onto the notion that they don't get enough sleep and will feel tired. Influenced by this notion, they feel sleepy at work during the day, their hands fall down when sending righteous thoughts, they doze off while studying the Fa, and have no energy when they go out to validate the Fa. They just cannot bring themselves up to the standard of a cultivator.

We all know that as practitioners we need to have faith in Master throughout our cultivation journey. Is our faith genuine or false? Is it 100 percent or halfhearted? When some practitioners did not see noticeable change in their bodies after practicing the exercises for a while, they began to feel unstable and have doubts. In fact, it shows that they do not have firm belief in Master and the Fa. If you truly and firmly believe in Master, miracles will definitely happen.

I have a regular job, so I go to work during the day and study the Fa in the evening Afterwards, I work on projects to validate the Fa until midnight. I go to bed after sending righteous thoughts. I used to think that if I did the exercises in the morning, I'd only get about three hours' sleep. Over time, I formed a human notion that if I didn't get enough sleep, I would feel sleepy. Later, I read Master's “Lecture at the First Conference in North America.” Master said,

“Have you ever thought of the fact that practicing cultivation is the best form of rest? You can obtain the kind of rest that can’t be obtained through sleeping. Nobody would say: 'The exercises are making me so tired that I can’t do anything today.' One would only say: 'The exercises are making my whole body relaxed and at ease. I don’t feel sleepy after a sleepless night. I feel full of energy. It doesn’t seem to bother me at all after a day’s work.'”

I suddenly understood that I wasn't just sleeping about three hours, but nearly six hours and that doing two hours' exercises in the morning was the best form of rest. No wonder after I did the exercises I felt so light and energetic, as if I had endless strength.

My initial thoughts about not getting enough sleep were human notions, and I knew I had to change them. From then on, each time I felt lazy and didn't want to do the exercises in the morning, I would remind myself of Master's words that, “...practicing cultivation is the best form of rest”.

I've been doing the morning exercises since then and have benefited so much. There are countless examples. First of all, I'm very healthy. For more than ten years, I've never taken a single tablet or had an injection. When I do the first exercise, I feel my body becoming immeasurably lofty as if it could encompass the entire world. When I do the holding the wheel exercise, I can feel a big Falun rotating between my arms and hear the wind of its rotation. The longer I hold the wheel the more comfortable I feel, as if I could levitate. When I do the third exercise, I can truly feel what it means by following the mechanisms. I feel like a hollow bamboo with my hands floating up and down with the mechanisms.

When I deeply meditate, I have such a wonderful feeling--beyond words. My whole body and the entire field are empty, and I see fascinating scenes beyond my ability to describe. They could only appear in heaven. Only when I try to see them do I realize that I am doing the exercise. It is so true that the more you do the exercises, the more comfortable you feel.

We all say we are Master's disciples, but have we truly conducted ourselves according to Master's requirements? We all understand from studying the Fa that we must do both: cultivate ourselves and practice the exercises.

The above is my personal understanding at my current stage. I have written this to share with fellow practitioners who still cannot keep up with the morning exercises.

I hope that all of us can harmonize the group morning exercises, which practitioners all around the world are participating in. This is also an environment Master created for us so that all Dafa disciples around the world can practice the exercises together and form an indestructible body to elevate and improve together. We must transform our bodies and validate the Fa so that the old forces have no loopholes to take advantage of.

Let us steadfastly do well the three things, save more people, and return home with Master.

Please kindly point out anything improper in the sharing.