Unscathed after Being Attacked by a Cow

My sister is not a practitioner but believes that Dafa is good. Every time she came to my house, I would play a Shen Yun Performing Arts DVD or Master's lecture videos for her. She also reads Zhuan Falun.

One spring afternoon in 2010, my sister was feeding a cow some grass. Suddenly the cow shoved her, knocking her over. The cow stepped on her, pinning her down. At that moment my sister remembered the words I told her. She shouted: “Master! Falun Dafa is great!” Her loud shout woke her husband up. He ran out and saw that the cow was holding my sister down with one hoof on her chest. Her husband hurriedly picked up a shovel and smacked the cow's head hard. The cow lifted its hoof.

My sister sat up and her husband told her, “Don't move, I'll take you to the hospital for a checkup.” My sister said, “Don't worry, as I have Falun Dafa's protection.” She stood up and returned to the house. After drinking some water she returned to work in the cornfield. Afterwards her husband told everyone he met, “We are so lucky! If Falun Dafa's Master had not saved her, our family would be finished.”

My sister's husband is the village communist party secretary. I've repeatedly advised him to quit the Party but he had always refused. This time he saw how powerful Falun Dafa was, so he was very happy to quit the Chinese Communist Party.

Mother-in-law Says, “Falun Gong is Truly Great!”

It was the harvest season in the fall of 1998. One morning, my husband and I were driving home with a farm truck overflowing with corn. When we reached a sloping corner, afraid of rolling over, I got off the truck to help push it and adjust the direction. Somehow my legs got tangled in the wheels. The truck was stuck and blowing black smoke. Then, the engine stopped. My husband rushed off the truck to check what happened. He saw that the rear wheels had rolled over my legs, so he quickly helped me up and asked if I was hurt. I said, “No problem. I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner. I have Master's protection.”

My husband drove off, as I wanted to continue to pick corn. I walked towards the north side of the field and I suddenly had a terrible pain. I felt excruciating pain in my legs, like crushed bones piercing flesh. I did not go far before collapsing on the ground. I was sweating heavily because of the pain. I dug up a new corn stubble from the ground with my hand to try to move my attention away from the pain... After about half an hour, I felt little pain. I insisted on going to the field to pick corn until it was dark.

After returning home, I took off my pants and saw that my legs were badly swollen. One leg was all black where it was bruised. I thought I would be in a lot pain that night, but I had a good night's sleep without feeling any pain. The next day my mother-in-law got up to make breakfast for me. I told her I was fine and could do it myself. That day I also went to the Falun Gong practice site as usual.

Later, I also attended the practitioners' meeting in our county. It took me a long time to get there. After the meeting and group exercises, I was able to keep up with the others on the way home. After coming back home, I went to work in the field again. Although I my legs were bruised, I did not lose a day of work.

This incident made my family truly believe in Dafa and they had immense gratitude for Master from the bottom of their hearts. When my sister-in-law came to visit, my mother-in-law advised her, “You have to learn Falun Dafa. Look at your sister-in-law's legs; that injury was scary, but she didn't need any rest. Falun Dafa is truly great!”

Unhurt after Being Crushed by a Half-ton Building

My husband is very supportive of my cultivation practice after having seen the wonderfulness of Dafa through me. As long as he was at home, he would do all the housework so that I had time to do truth-clarification work. Sometimes he would help me talk to people, to help them understand the facts about Falun Gong. For example, when I talked with friends and relatives, he would make supportive comments at critical moments, and his words often played an important role.

His attitude towards Dafa has brought him blessings. One day in 2007, my husband and eight co-workers loaded a steel building onto a truck. The building was three meters long by two meters wide, and weighed about half a ton. The load was somehow unbalanced and suddenly the building slid off to the ground. My husband had no time to dodge and was crushed by the building with only his head sticking out. Everyone panicked. After they hurriedly pulled the building off him and helped my husband up, they were amazed to find he was unhurt. Everybody said it was simply incredible!

My husband came home and told me he knew it was Master who protected him. I felt really happy for him.

Broken Nose Returns to Normal

My mother is 78 years old. She looks very young and has a nice complexion She is healthy and energetic. Even more amazing is that she was once illiterate, but she now reads Zhuan Falun fluently. She does not need to wear glasses, and can even read at night. She practices the exercises every morning, then goes out to clarify the facts. People around are amazed at her health and energy. All her changes are benefits from Dafa cultivation.

My mother used to have several physical ailments, including liver disease, bronchitis, headache, poor eyesight, and perennial back pain. She started cultivation practice in Dafa at the end of 1995. She has good enlightenment quality as she diligently studied the Fa and did the exercises, and whenever she had physical discomfort she would look within to improve her xinxing. As her xinxing improved, she became healthy and energetic.

She was eager to study the Fa but she couldn't read. So she went before Master's portrait and said, “Master, I want to study the Fa and I need to know how to read. Please help me.” Master saw her sincerity and opened her wisdom. Mother was able to read Zhuan Falun with me. She reads every day and very fluently. We both know that it is from Master's mighty power.

Once, my mother fell down when she went to the well to fetch water. She touched her nose and found it broken and collapsed, and blood was dripping on the ground. My brother-in-law happened to be around and said, “Let's hurry and take you to the hospital.” My mother said, “I don't need to go to hospital. I'm a practitioner and Master will take care of me. I'm alright.”

Her righteous belief in Master and Dafa resulted in a miracle. When my mother washed her face and touched her nose again, she found that it had been healed and was back to normal! There was just a little skin abrasion which did not hurt. Everyone in my family said, “This is just so amazing!” That night, my mother studied the Fa with me as usual and the next morning she got up to do the exercises as usual.

Her grandson asked, “Do you feel any pain? Or are you just saying it's not painful even if it hurts?” My mother said, “I really don't feel any pain. How can I lie? Grandma cultivates Dafa and that's why the miracle happened to me.” She went out to clarify the facts as usual.