(Minghui.org) Six teachers from the Xiongshi Modern Fine Art Design School have been detained for over four months simply because they practice Falun Gong. The police ignored their families' inquiries, and threatened to shoot some of the family members after they asked questions. The police also prevented the practitioners' attorneys from seeing their clients.

Mr. Guo Baoshi, Mr. Xu Juntao, Ms. Kang Fu, Mr. Dong Zhiyu, Mr. Wang Yiyong, and Mr. Chen Xiu were illegally arrested on October 23, 2013. The Procuratorate approved the arrests on November 29, 2013, over a month after the teachers were arrested.

Students and colleagues of the six teachers were interrogated and threatened in an attempt to procure “evidence of crimes” against them. This harassment has caused the students serious psychological trauma.

The staff from the Huanggu Police Department told the practitioners' families that they were still collecting evidence, and were unable to tell them why the practitioners had been arrested. Ironically, because there was no clear reason for the arrests, some of the family members of those being held were not notified.

There was no information about the young teacher, Ms. Kang Fu, and her family has been especially worried. The guard at the gate of the Huanggu Police Department was ordered not to admit her family, and the Domestic Security Division would not answer their phone calls.

Students Interrogated and Threatened

Without just cause, the teachers that practiced Falun Gong were taken away first and interrogated. Next, students and other teachers were taken to the police station in an attempt to gather “evidence of wrongdoing.” Elementary school-aged children and some students as young as 11 years old were interrogated. They were held until midnight. All of those arrested were verbally abused and told that they would be jailed if they did not speak up. Some of the children almost collapsed and many of them were traumatized. One girl developed a heart irregularity and was sent back on a stretcher.

Both the teachers and the students were interrogated for prolonged periods of time. Some endured as much as 20 hours of mistreatment. Others were deprived of sleep and some were beaten. Two of the arrested were shackled.

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