Regaining Health after Beginning Cultivation

I began practicing Falun Dafa in the summer of 1996. The changes I've experienced include more radiant skin and a growing feeling of happiness from deep within.

I was very weak when I was young and almost died of a lung infection. When I started to learn the practice, I had two experiences with sickness karma and witnessed the wonder and mighty power of Dafa.

I once had a high fever and couldn't stop shivering. My mom took my temperature and was alarmed to see it was 107.6 o F. She urged me to go to a doctor. But I refused and told her that I was going through body purification and that I would be OK. A few days later, the fever was gone and I noticed my skin had become fairer.

On another occasion, I started to have symptoms of pneumonia: I kept coughing and had a sharp pain in my chest. My eyes were red due to violent coughing, and I was too weak to stand up.

I had difficulty seeing these symptoms as a test, as both human notions and righteous thoughts came to mind alternately for several days. While I was still wavering, my coughing became so severe that my husband was unable to sleep. I realized it should not continue and asked myself, “Am I a genuine practitioner? Am I afraid of death?”

I then reminded myself that I practice a great Fa. How could I allow myself to be unclear about my dilemma? I made up my mind that my life was in Master's hands.

Suddenly, a miracle happened. Master's law-body appeared in front of me. He stretched out one of his arms toward my upper body, and I felt a wave of penetrating cold throughout my chest. It only lasted about two seconds, but my high fever subsided and I stopped coughing. I was surprised but happy. At that moment, I really wanted to tell the whole world, “Dafa is indeed truly good!”

Dealing with Family Relationships

My husband and I had only known each other for several months before we got married, so things didn't turn out the way I imagined they would. Because he was the youngest in his family, he was spoiled, lazy, hot tempered, and stubborn.

Learning that I was a Falun Gong practitioner, my father-in-law began to despise me. I suffered through countless grievances in our relationship.

But no matter how badly he treated me, I returned his acts with kindness. I then had the thought that I might have owed him in my previous lives.

Things started to change when my father-in-law had a stroke and was hospitalized for more than half a month. I took turns with my in-law's family to take care of him. Initially, he was unable to move his head, so I fed him with a spoon.

From his expression, I noticed he was moved. The doctor and nurses all said, “See how good your daughter is to you." When my father-in-law told them that I was his daughter-in-law, they were really surprised.

My father-in-law was hospitalized twice, and I took care of him without hesitation., I told him, “You see, it's so important to keep healthy. Falun Gong can make one return to good health. It also helps one to become a good person. I haven't taken any medicine for over ten years.”

He had tears in his eyes as he said to me, “Let's talk when we get home.” My relationship with my in-laws greatly improved after that.

As long as practitioners have a thought to save sentient beings, Master will arrange the opportunities. Hence, I was able to persuade three members of my sister-in-law's family to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

My husband had low self-esteem and often lost his temper. Since I was attached to having a happy life, I was miserable.

Thinking from his point of view, he was really afraid that I would divorce him. I realized he had a predestined relationship with me and was coming for Dafa in this lifetime.

Dafa could untie any knots in his mind! So when the opportunity arose, we had a good talk. I told him, “If I didn't practice Dafa, I would not have stayed in our marriage. Falun Dafa teaches one to be a good person and to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and think of others at all times. Don't worry about it. We will help each other and have a good life together.

What I said made him cry. His true, good nature was awakening. From that point on, he started to acknowledge and truly be thankful to Dafa. A dispirited being had been saved!

My husband and child now study the Fa. Our family is happy and we are bathed in the mighty benevolence of Dafa.

Saving Sentient Beings at Work

After I graduated from college, a fellow practitioner helped me to get a job in a private company. Since I was new, no one knew I was a practitioner. Because I had an attachment to self-protection, I didn't thoroughly clarify the truth and often dodged direct questions about whether I practiced.

A small group of managers often made trouble for new employees who were referred by fellow practitioners They were afraid of losing their jobs, so this kept them from learning the truth.

One day the general manager asked me, “Are you a Falun Gong practitioner?” I didn't answer him directly. I felt bad afterward and wondered how long conflict could go on. How could I help these people learn the truth?

I then realized that, although ordinary people seek prestige and self-interest, it was not their fault. I should not complain and vowed not to give up on them.

At that moment, I felt a deep sense of compassion and sadness. I held my palm up in front of my chest and held the thought of compassion in my mind. I silently called several people's names and said to them, “Maybe the conflicts between us are from previous lives. May the mighty power of Dafa resolve our prior grudges. I sincerely hope you can all be saved.”

At that moment, I felt strong energy flowing out of me, and I couldn't move. I sent forth righteous thoughts for a long time.

The next day at work, I felt the atmosphere had changed and become more harmonious. After work, I invited the general manager to have dinner with me. He smiled and followed along without hesitation. We had a long talk, and he agreed to quit the CCP. He had tears in his eyes. After that, he read Dafa books and gradually became a practitioner.

Master said:

“Compassion is an enormous energy, the energy of righteous gods. The more compassion that is present, the greater this energy becomes, and it can disintegrate anything that is bad. This is something that has never been taught, be it by Shakyamuni or cultivators of the past. The greatest manifestation of shan is compassion, and it is an expression of tremendous energy. It can disintegrate all that is not right.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”)

With the cooperation of fellow practitioners, the overall climate in the company has improved. We now take every opportunity to clarify the truth and help more people to be saved. Whenever someone leaves the company after learning the truth, another employee with a predestined relationship (with Dafa) will arrive.


I have not done many things well and sometimes indulge in my own attachments. Through this experience-sharing, I know I must maintain my righteous thoughts with the same enthusiasm of when I first started cultivation. I will do my best to do the three things and live up to Master’s grand mercy.