(Minghui.org) Every year, Falun Dafa practitioners around the world send in their heartfelt greetings to the Minghui website to respectfully wish Master a Happy Chinese New Year. The tens of thousands of well-wishes send a strong message and act as a deterrence to the persecutors in China, while also eliminating bad elements. After counting the total number of greetings posted, I would like to acknowledge the hard work by practitioners who work on the Minghui website.

Approximately 18,000 greetings were posted in ten days from January 26 to February 4, 2014. If it took an average of two minutes to edit each greeting card (editor's note: it takes more than two minutes to edit many of the cards), then 18,000 greetings took 36,000 minutes (or 600 hours) to edit. So, in ten days, it took 60 hours per day to edit the greeting cards.

Below is how I came up with the numbers:

January 26: 126 (greetings) x 2 (minutes) = 252 (minutes/day) = 4.20 (hours/day) January 27: 250 (greetings) x 2 (min) = 500 (min/day) = 8.33 (hrs/day) January 28: 371 (greetings) x 2 (min) = 742 (min/day) = 12.37 (hrs/day) January 29: 472 (greetings) x 2 (min) = 944 (min/day) = 15.73 (hrs/day) January 30: 2,519 (greetings) x 2 (min) = 5,038 (min/day) = 83.97 (hrs/day) January 31: 3,239 (greetings) x 2 (min) = 6,478 (min/day) = 107.97 (hrs/day) February 1: 3,642 (greetings) x 2 (min) = 7,284 (min/day) = 121.40 (hrs/day) February 2: 2,506 (greetings) x 2 (min) = 5,012 (min/day) = 85.53 (hrs/day) February 3: 1,695 (greetings) x 2 (min) = 3,390 (min/day) = 56.50 (hrs/day) February 4: 2,049 (greetings) x 2 (min) = 4,098 (min/day) = 68.30 (hrs/day)

The hours that I've estimated may be less than what the Minghui team actually spent editing the greetings, since there were many that didn't meet the required format. I have seen more than 20 greetings from my local area alone that didn't meet the requirements. However, many of them were posted on the Minghui website after they were edited.

Overseas practitioners wrote an article, “ Some Guidelines for New Year's Greeting Cards ”, to kindly remind practitioners about the guidelines for submitting the greetings. A related tutorial, “The Basic Skill and Techniques of Making Greeting Cards,” was also provided on the website.

I shared the guidelines and articles with local practitioners numerous times in the last two years, but many still did not pay attention to the issue, and didn't follow the requirements.

In fact, this shows that some practitioners aren't paying attention to the Minghui articles. I would like to mention several more issues that practitioners should pay attention to.

1. Last year, two articles, “Some Thoughts About Practitioners Requesting Minghui to Modify Photo Designs According to Their Needs” and “ Our Attitude Toward the Minghui Website Reflects Our Attitude Toward Dafa and Our Cultivation ” were published. Many practitioners, including the area coordinators, didn't pay attention to these articles.

2. Some practitioners weren't even aware of the Minghui editorial articles posted ten years ago. For these practitioners, the root cause of the problem could be more serious than just “not paying attention.”

3. I would like to discuss the quality of the truth-clarification materials practitioners make. Of course, I also understand that some practitioners may lack the technical skills or equipment required to meet the criteria. Many practitioners still want to create bookmarks their own way even though the Minghui website has provided printing documents to make the bookmarks. Furthermore, practitioners are still making truth-clarification materials that don't follow Minghui's guidelines on printing and binding. I have seen blurry prints, horizontal lines, and uneven edges on CDs, DVDs, calendars, and booklets. I have even seen covers on Dafa books that are not done according to the guidelines.

Towards the end of 2006, I moved to Jiamusi City. I have traveled to the southern and western parts of the city, and have seen hundreds of truth-clarification materials. More than 90% of them do not fit the standard set by Minghui.org. I'd like to remind practitioners who have the equipment and the technical skills to pay attention to this matter.

The 2014 desk calendar template was provided on the Minghui website, and I noticed there were mistakes on the dates. In addition, the designs and pictures didn't look very pure to me. This never happened in the previous years, so practitioners should look inward and ask themselves, “Have we truly placed great importance on the Minghui website?” and “Do any of the mistakes made by the Minghui team have anything to do with us?”

In fact, we should ask ourselves the most important question, “Have we studied the Fa earnestly?” Finally, I would like to share the following with everyone.

There are 45 books in the entire set of Falun Dafa books, including Zhuan Falun. If practitioners read 15 pages each day, they can finish all 45 books in one year (based on a rough estimate of the total number of pages divided by the number of days in a year). It would be even better if we can read Zhuan Falun every day and study the Fa with the group.

I hope everyone can place great importance on Fa study, instead of making excuses or procrastinating.