(Minghui.org) One day in early January after I finished studying the Fa, my thoughts went to a practitioner who has been illegally detained for over a year. I wanted to help disintegrate all the evil elements and factors that have been persecuting her. I envisioned forming a unit of divine beings using the divine sides of practitioners to bring about the disintegration. As soon as my thoughts came to the surface, I saw the divine sides of countless practitioners, together with countless righteous Gods, materializing in front of me.

Looking at this scene at my level, I saw the sacredness of the divine sides of practitioners, no matter their ages or whether they belonged to the schools of the Buddhas, Daos, or Gods.

I saw the divine sides of elderly practitioners with human ages between 80-90 being manifested as two and three-year old children, or of newborns who were already white-bearded older people. In other dimensions, adults and children have a completely different age manifestation.

I saw the divine sides of the practitioners, wearing yellow kasayas, in the exact images of Buddhas. Some of them looked like Caucasians, others had gigantic wings, and some had more than one pair of wings. There were ones that looked like Daos and others like Gods. These Gods held in their hands various Fa instruments. Some of them stood on top of lotus flowers and others rode on unicorns, dragons, lions, cranes, and other celestial beasts. I had a blue phoenix at my side.

At once, I realized the meaning from the Fa when we say “body and spirit unite” during our first exercise “Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms.” We are evoking our divine sides so that they take the lead to suppress our human thinking and our demon nature. We are using the tremendous power of the part that we have successfully cultivated to fulfill our historical responsibility and mission of protecting Dafa and saving sentient beings.

I was filled with the most exquisite feeling of being one with the Fa. I also felt a deep sense of responsibility.

Together, the other Gods and I displayed our individual capability to help that illegally detained practitioner to clear away the evil beings that persecuted her. All at once, clouds of fireballs billowed forth in the place where she was detained. Countless evil beings were destroyed by the powerful energy.

At the same time, we eliminated all the evil beings that were persecuting her. No matter who did the persecution or who made the arrangement, as long as they would not desist in her persecution, their end would be elimination.

While we were eliminating the evil, we also encouraged the practitioner to link up her human side with her divine side, and to allow her divine side to exercise its power.

Lo and behold! The blue phoenix at my side used a special magical power to get the practitioner’s spirits up.

At once, the practitioner’s field became much cleaner than before and her righteous thoughts much stronger.

Upon seeing this, I said to the multitude of Gods, “Let’s take this opportunity to thoroughly eliminate all the evil beings and their elements and factors that are persecuting Dafa practitioners in Mainland China, including the lawyer Gao Zhisheng and other righteous individuals who are being persecuted for speaking up for Falun Gong.”

At that time, more divine sides of Dafa practitioners and an innumerable number of Gods hurried over. A light blue Fa wheel kept rotating overhead. Master sat in solemn majesty, watching the big decisive battle between good and evil.

When the multitude of Gods nodded in agreement, I saw fires bursting forth from south to north, from east to west, all over Mainland China, engulfing prisons, drug rehabilitation clinics, brainwashing centers, and those hospitals that participate in persecution, including those that engage in harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners. Evil beings and their elements and factors are being destroyed on a large scale.

Later, to more effectively eliminate not only every element and factor in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but also the evil beings in other dimensions who support the CCP, the multitude of Gods separated. There was one group continuing to eliminate evil beings and their elements and factors in the aforementioned places, and the other group beginning to pursue all beings and their evil elements and factors in other dimensions.

The fact that the CCP still exists is only because of the support of evil beings in other dimensions. The support comes in the form of organizational or financial power and other assistance. These evil beings act like conduits, continuously feeding the CCP, which acts like the shadows in the Chinese shadow show, being controlled by these evil forces that maintain its existence and dictate how Dafa and practitioners should be persecuted.

This group of Gods and I cleaned up a lot of evil in other dimensions. We could see that the CCP was on the brink of annihilation. Its red wall made out of mud was already drenched in rain and in the last stage of collapse. In every dimension, everything was in the process of obliteration, while in this realm, there was nothing left. Yet, we felt there must be higher and more microscopic elements and factors that are still lending the CCP support.

We would not be deterred by false illusions, so we forged ahead. We arrived at another realm and discovered beings in the image of Buddhas sitting around smugly. Two of the leaves of the lotus flower they were sitting on had turned dim and dark. We concentrated all our efforts on these two leaves. The beings noticed our presence. Right away, they realized too late what they had done to interfere with Dafa. Under the effect of our powerful energy field, they were promptly destroyed and disappeared without a trace.

When we opened this realm to take another look, we discovered another being in the image of Buddha who had an earring on its right ear lobe. The earring emitted a light that was dimmer than the light the being itself was emitting. The Gods and I targeted the earring. At once, the being knew its trick was being discovered and realized the unforgivable sins it had committed against Dafa. It too was obliterated.

We opened up this space to take a look. It was very dark inside. There was a grotesque life form mechanically spinning a round disk made up of something that looked like a sickle and a hammer. Upon careful observation, we saw smaller sickles and hammers. When the grotesque life form noticed our presence, it told us that it was responsible for spinning the disk, that it had been there ever since it was produced, and that it had never seen other life forms. When the Gods told this life form it was committing a sin against Dafa, it continued spinning the disk as if it were numb. We had no choice but to destroy it and the disk.

To more effectively destroy the evil elements and factors of the CCP and to better fulfill our historic mission to assist Master to rectify the Fa and to save sentient beings, the multitude of Gods called a conference. It was decided that a group of the Gods would continue to go after all the evil elements and factors supporting the CCP, while the other group would go about cleaning all bad thoughts from people’s poisoned brains.