(Minghui.org) Ms. Gu Zucui was illegally arrested and taken to the local police station on January 6, 2014, by Yang Shaoqi, head of the 610 Office, and Liu Guangfu. Ms. Gu had been clarifying the truth to people in nearby Aoping Township.

When practitioner Mr. Bai Guiyin heard about her arrest, he went to the police station to ask for her release. They detained him as well. They also searched and ransacked his house and took his computer, printer, Dafa books, and 200 yuan in cash (the cash was later returned) and other personal belongings.

When his wife heard that her husband had been arrested, she went to the police station to demand his release. The police threatened her and slandered Dafa. They even illegally detained and interrogated Mr. Bai's younger brother when he went to reason with the police and ask for his release.

Mr. Bai and Ms. Gu are being held in the Pengzhou City Detention Center.

A Good Person

Mr. Bai was diagnosed with leukemia in 1976 and developed a duodenal ulcer in 1987. He had severe headaches and was often hospitalized.

In 1997, Mr. Bai started practicing Falun Gong. Within a week, his long-term illnesses disappeared, and his character improved. Once he was hit by a car. Instead of blaming the driver, he comforted him and let him go.

Mr. Bai used to have grudges against his neighbors. After he started to practice, his relationships with the neighbors became warm and friendly. At work, Mr. Bai never paid attention to personal gain or loss and was always happy to train new apprentices when others were reluctant to help them. He was spoken of highly and well respected at his workplace.

Parties Mainly Responsible: Yang Shaoqi (杨少奇) and Liu Guangfu (刘光富) from the local 610 Office Hu Zhiqiang (胡志强) from the police station Wu Taichang (吴泰昌) from the Domestic Security Division