(Minghui.org) Many practitioners in our area have recently been persecuted. We shared our thoughts about the situation and have different opinions. Some practitioners blame it on mobile phone security issues, while others think that it was because practitioners allowed strangers to stay at their house. I think all of the above reasons came about as the result of deeper problems.

As I see it, the real problem is that practitioners in our area, for a long time, have undermined the Fa by giving public speeches. This has seriously damaged our cultivation environment and prevented practitioners from looking inward; thus their cultivation deviated from the Fa. Because they were not truly cultivating in Dafa, they were unable to get rid of their attachments, and the old forces took advantage of the loopholes.

The old forces used practitioners' human notions to manipulate them and created the illusion of “unsafe mobile phone practice” in this dimension to persecute them. If we only see the superficial manifestations and attempt to think and act righteously to negate the persecution instead of looking inward to search for the real problem, we won't find the root cause for the persecution.

Undermining the Fa

Before the persecution took place, I was out of town giving public speeches and thereby undermining the Fa. I knew what I did was wrong, so I stayed at a practitioner's home, trying to rectify myself.

In May 2013, the Minghui website published the editorial “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa .” The persecution could have been avoided had practitioners looked inward to find the reason why they undermined the Fa, eliminated the attachments and cleaned up our cultivation environment.

Instead, practitioners in our area asked the speakers to take a stand. They tried to solve the problem based on the Communist Party culture, which made our cultivation environment even more complicated. It didn't clear away the elements that disrupted the Fa, but concealed them even more. This will cause even more damage in the future if we do not recognize the problem and remove the disrupting elements.

The harm the speeches may cause is just as serious as being detained in the brainwashing center. I know that one practitioner who listened to my speech disagreed later with the Minghui article. He thought the article was incorrect and not in line with reality. Although some practitioners rectified their thoughts after studying the Fa for two to four weeks, there are still others who do not like and reject the serious tone in the Minghui article.

Denying Fundamental Elements of Cultivation

A practitioner who gives speeches that disrupt the Fa is positioning himself above Master and the Fa. By doing so, he is denying the most fundamental element of cultivating in Dafa, and that is “taking the Fa as Teacher and looking inward.” He is interfering with practitioners' cultivation and not allowing them to eliminate their attachments. He is leading people astray and causing great harm to others.

So why are there still practitioners acknowledging this kind of behavior? I think the main reason is that they are looking outward and have not been truly cultivating. Another reason is when they encounter problems, they do not look at the situation based on the Fa, and rely instead on “effectiveness” and “appearance” as the yardstick.

Many practitioners, after listening to the speeches, noticed some “effectiveness,” and thus considered this type of “speech sharing” to be in accordance with the Fa. They claimed that their xinxing level rose as a result of the “sharing” and that they have benefited from it. Therefore, they approved of the speeches. Their acceptance allowed for the “speech sharing conference” to expand and to continue for a long time.

This is a serious lesson for us. It's time we wake up! Giving speeches that disrupt the Fa is not just a cultivation issue. When we do not follow Master's arrangements, we are doing the three things to conceal our attachments or are merely ordinary people doing Dafa work.

If we follow Master's teachings, study the Fa more, and let the Fa guide us in our cultivation, then we can thoroughly eliminate the elements that are disrupting the Fa and turn our area into a righteous cultivation environment.

I'm not criticizing practitioners. I only hope that those who are not clear about the “speech sharing” will quickly get rid of the interfering elements, and walk the path that Master arranged for us.