(Minghui.org) Lu Haiying is chief of police in Handan City, Hebei Province. As soon as he was assigned to the position, he actively participated in the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong. Due to his aggressive involvement, Hanshan District became an area where practitioners were severely persecuted.

From March 2008 to September 2009, four practitioners from the Hanshan District were given heavy prison sentences. Many practitioners in the Hanshan District were illegally arrested, detained, or sent to forced labor camps.

Lu also extorted large amounts of money from practitioners’ families. He told them that every 10,000 yuan they paid him would reduce a practitioner’s sentence by one year. In the end, he still gave practitioners heavy sentences.

The following is a partial list of some of the persecution cases that Lu is responsible for.

75-year-old Ms. Chen Yuyuan Arrested and Her Home Ransacked

Leading a group of police, Lu arrested 75-year-old practitioner Ms. Chen Yuyuan on the campus of Hebei University of Engineering on the morning of April 18, 2013. They ransacked her home and took many of her personal belongings, including a computer, a printer, printing supplies, and Falun Gong materials. Ms. Chen’s husband was also arrested and the couple was later sent to the Kaiyuan Police Station.

Mr. Qin Jianxue Arrested and Illegally Sentenced, His Valuables Stolen

Lu and some officers broke into Mr. Qin Jianxue’s house at 7:00 a.m. on February 25, 2012. After taking Mr. Qin into custody, they returned and ransacked his home, taking away two computers, more than 2,000 yuan in cash, and valuables, including gold and silver jewelry valued at more than 10,000 yuan. Mr. Qin was later illegally sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor.

Mr. Ai Baohui Arrested and His Home Ransacked

Lu led nine police officers to Mr. Ai Baohui’s house on the afternoon of July 19, 2012. They cut off the power to the house. When Mr. Ai’s wife went outside to see what the problem was, they rushed at her and forcibly took the house key from her hands. They ransacked the couple's home, and sent Mr. Ai to the Maoxi Police Station.

Mr. Ji Ruiling and Ms. Ji Junyun Sentenced, Their Families Extorted Large Sums of Money

Mr. Ji Ruiling and his sister, Ms. Ji Junyun, were arrested around 11:00 a.m. on September 18, 2009. Mr. Ji’s wife and son were also taken into custody. The police took away 5,200 yuan in cash from Mr. Ji’s home. They also took two computers and some cash from Ms. Ji Junyun’s home.

Lu and the police threatened their family, saying, “Ms. Ji Junyun will be sentenced to more than seven years of imprisonment. If you want to shorten her sentence, you will have to pay, 10,000 yuan to get it reduced a year. We'll allow you to bail her out.”

The relatives were eager to get their loved ones out, so they wouldn't be tortured. They paid more than 100,000 yuan in total.

However, Mr. Ji Ruiling was sentenced to three years in Jidong Prison. Ms. Ji Junyun was given three years and two months in Shijiazhuang Women’s Prison.

Ms. Tian Yanjin Arrested and Her Home Ransacked

The police broke into Ms. Tian Yanjin’s home on the morning of September 18, 2009. They took away her computer, a printer, Falun Gong books, a disk burner machine, and 1,000 yuan in cash. Ms. Tian was sent to the Huomo Police Station.

Elderly Practitioner Ms. Jiao Shuzhen Heavily Sentenced

Lu and police officers from the Nonglinlu Police Station arrested Ms. Jiao Shuzhen on the morning of March 21, 2008. They broke into her house and took away her television, a computer, printers, and an electric car. Ms. Jiao was taken to the Handan Second Detention Center.

Ms. Jiao was secretly sentenced to four yours of imprisonment in December 2008, and was transferred to the Shijiazhuang Women’s Prison (also called Hebei Province Women’s Prison) on January 3, 2009.

Sentencing Ms. Hou Haiping

Ms. Hou Haiping, in her 40s, was head of the Handan Branch of the Bank of China. She was arrested in late March 2007 and subjected to three years in the Handan Second Detention Center. The police also ransacked her home.

The above is only a small portion of the persecution cases Lu Haiying is responsible for. He has arrested many practitioners during his term. Some were persecuted to death, some were subjected to imprisonment or forced labor, and others were sent to brainwashing centers.