(Minghui.org) I was a secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee in a village. Poisoned by atheism, I used to fight for fame and self-interest. As a result, I had all kinds of illnesses, including rhinitis, enteritis, hepatitis and cirrhosis. Despite trying numerous medical treatments and folk remedies, I didn't find any relief.

One night, suddenly an18-inch screen appeared on my wall, which projected a grand Buddha looking like Maitreya. After I looked at it quietly for a few seconds, the projection disappeared. I was surprised, excited and couldn't believe my eyes. I wondered if this Buddha had come to save me.

A while later, a young man invited me to watch a video at his home. It was about Falun Dafa. When I asked him what Falun Dafa was about, he said that it was a cultivation practice. I thought: “Being so sick, how could I possibly cultivate?” But, I accepted the challenge and began to cultivate in Falun Dafa.

Surrounded by Falun

On the second evening after I began to listen to the Fa, Teacher began to purify my body. During those nine days of listening to the Fa lectures, I often saw Falun spinning. When I was eating, I could see Falun rotating on my food. When I was walking or sitting in the car, I could see Falun rotating in front of me. I knew that Teacher was encouraging me.

I went to the exercise site at 3:50 a.m. On days when I just didn't feel like getting up, a voice whispered into my ear, “Please go do the exercises.” Once, when I was going to bed early, a voice said,”You are not suffering enough hardship in your cultivation.”

The Fa reminded me of what to do. When I heard two people arguing, I wanted to interfere. But, I saw a big Falun spinning and remembered that I couldn't interfere.

I was diligently studying the Fa, improving my xinxing rapidly. Even in dreams I did well. For example, in one dream I found a golden box. Three people showed up and said that it was theirs. I told them if it was theirs, I wouldn't take it. But, I was curious and opened the box. I saw a large Buddha smiling at me. Teacher tested me, telling me through this example that I couldn't take anything belonging to others.

In the spring of 1998, someone had removed a jujube tree from my backyard. I didn't report it to the police or take it back from the yard where someone had seen it, because I remembered “the relationship between loss and gain” that Teacher taught in Zhuan Falun. Then, I saw a young jujube tree growing in the place where the other tree had been.

There are many more examples of Teacher encouraging me. The power of Falun Dafa was shown to me, a former atheist, encouraging me to continue on my cultivation path.

Steadfastly Safeguarding the Fa

In 1999, the CCP began to persecute Falun Dafa and defame Teacher. The deputy secretary of the village CCP committee told me to hand in my Falun Dafa books, but I refused. My brother, also a practitioner, was very scared and said, “Just hand in a few of the books to make them happy.” I replied, “When Monk Tang on his way to obtain the Buddhist scriptures ran into demons, would he have stopped?"

The deputy secretaries of the County Discipline Committee and the village CCP committee ganged up on me and asked, “How do you view the key decision that the central government made?” I replied, “It is fabrication, defamation, and framing.” They were shocked, saying how dare I hold this kind of attitude toward a key decision made by the CCP .

The head of the police station then came into the picture. He forbid me to talk about the benefits of practicing Dafa. Instead, he kept mouthing the words broadcast on television.

I asked: “If a doctor healed your illness, would you harm him? Are you that kind of person?” He quickly responded, “No, of course not.” I asked him if I could say who cured my illness, and he said that I could. I then described how I had benefited from Dafa.

Main Target of Persecution in the County

I became the main target for persecution in my county, with the head of the police department leading the way.

He came to see me, along with some of his underlings. They asked me if I still practiced Falun Dafa, and I naturally responded in the affirmative. He told me: “You [practitioners] are a bunch of anti-revolutionaries. You besieged the government compound.” I remained calm and said: “One should be careful with what one says. When you say we besieged the government compound, what did we use to besiege it with?” He was speechless.

I went to Beijing to validate Dafa on July 13, 2000. On my return, I was told that a conference had been held for the cadres from the village and the township. The secretary of the county CCP committee delivered a speech and claimed that I was in the process of being “transformed.” As soon as the secretary finished talking, the office director reported that he had just received a phone call from Beijing and that I was in the Beijing Appeals Office, appealing for the right to practice Falun Dafa.

Not Immune to Persecution

I went to Beijing again to petition for the right to practice Falun Dafa. I was arrested and sentenced to one year of forced labor. At the labor camp, I refused to cooperate. Therefore, I was singled out for persecution.

During the interrogation, a guard ordered me to write down words that defamed Dafa. I refused to cooperate. Instead, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors controlling him. Suddenly, the guard got up and left the interrogation room.

I felt my body being strengthened by Teacher. I became very big and truly felt that Teacher was right by my side.

It was as Teacher said:

“While righteous thoughts display the might of Gods” (“New Year’s Greetings” in The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

In July 2001, I was released. The release form said, “Refused to be transformed.”

In March 2002, staff from the local Domestic Security Division ransacked my home. The officers threatened, “Giving out one flyer results in a three-year sentence.”

Falun Spinning at the Tip of the Pen

The 610 Office, county government officials and police were frustrated because I had skipped town. They couldn't track me down, so they tried all kinds of tricks, attempting to find me through my acquaintances and relatives. All of their efforts were unsuccessful.

When I returned, I called the person in charge of the Domestic Security Division. After some back and forth, he said I should have told them that I was going out of town. I responded that there was no law requiring me to inform anyone of leaving town. He was speechless.

I decided to write him a letter to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to him. Teacher strengthened my thoughts, and I could write with a pure and peaceful mind.

I wrote about the miraculous healing benefits experienced by those who practiced Falun Dafa, the beauty of Dafa and the elevation of one's mind and morality through the practice. I also wrote about the torture practitioners had suffered in forced labor camps.

I shared the story of a drug addict who couldn't stop taking drugs until he started practicing Falun Dafa, and who was now drug-free and an upright citizen. I wrote much more and ended the letter with Teacher's poem:


He comes with Truth that gives him free reign
And travels the four seas with a free and easy spirit
The Fa’s principles spread throughout the world
His Fa Boat sets sail, loaded full with sentient beings
(Hong Yin Vol. II)

When writing the letter, a Falun was spinning wherever my pen pointed. I could never have written the letter without Teacher's guidance.

After posting the letter, I had a very clear dream. Heavenly girls were casting flowers about and a large Falun was spinning amidst the flowers.

After the police received my letter, they sought to find me. Once they found my address, they immediately came to arrest me. However, they were met with a storm that triggered a flood and blocked their way.

Truth-Clarification Efforts Not in Vain

Someone from the police department told my relatives that the letter I had written was written very well.

That truth-clarification letter arose attention from the Political and Legal Affairs Committee and police officials. Just before the CCP's 16th Congress, a group of officials from the village, county and city in three vehicles came to talk to me. I thought they could have predestined relationships with me and needed to be saved.

A person in charge of the local Domestic Security Division talked about the requirements of the CCP. I used this time to send forth righteous thoughts. I also interrupted him to correct biased notions.

Then, they asked me to share my thoughts. I told them that I had given my viewpoint in the letter that I had written a few months ago.

I said: “It is said on television that people who practice Falun Dafa have mental problems. You are seeing me today. Do you see anything wrong with me?” They didn't reply.

Finally, they asked what I was planning to do. I said, “What I am doing is what I am supposed to do.”

Before they left, the person in charge held my hand and said, “You need to let go in your heart and stay composed.” I suddenly realized that while clarifying the facts about Dafa, I hadn't done it in an upright manner. Teacher was using this person's voice to enlighten me.

Refusing to Tear Down Falun Dafa Couplets

The head of the police station, the person in charge of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee and the secretary of the Discipline Committee came to my home. They told me to tear down the truth-clarification couplets hanging on my door.

I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked the head of the police station, “Why do you want me to tear them down?” He said they were promoting Falun Dafa. I said: “Dafa promotes Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Why wouldn't you allow me to promote it?” He tried to change the subject, but I kept talking about Falun Dafa. They finally left.

The next evening, people from the police department and the police station and the secretary of the Discipline Committee came to my home again. As soon as their leader saw me, he began to chat with me. He asked if I needed help. I replied that I was ok. I maintained a calm mind and quietly sent forth righteous thoughts while they were talking.

Before leaving, the head of the police station told me to sign a note he had just written. I refused and said: “This is what you wrote. It is your understanding. What's that to do with me?”

Officials Keep Visiting

On August 13, 2013, two men and one woman came to my home. They said that they were from the Political and Legal Affairs Committee. While sending forth righteous thoughts, I invited them to sit down. They asked me if I was still practicing Falun Dafa. Instead of answering their question directly, I I used it to speak of the staged self-immolation incident. I told them: “This was done by the evil head of the CCP and Luo Gan [CCP official], who ganged up to defame Dafa and its practitioners. Please do not be deceived by them.”

While I was talking, I saw one of the officials frowning. I asked Teacher to strengthen me to eliminate the dark minions and CCP specters behind these people. Then I asked them, “You are not from this area, are you?” They said that they were from the municipal Political and Legal Affairs Committee.

I thought that since they were here, I would talk to them about Dafa. I also talked about the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party and asked them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. All of them listened quietly and didn't say anything, but from their facial expressions I could tell that they were considering my words.

Before they left, I also talked to them about the beauty of the Shen Yun performances and gave them a Shen Yun DVD. Even though they didn't quit the Party this time, I knew that they had learned the truth.

Using New Job to Talk About Dafa

In March 2013, my relatives found a job in a hotel for me. I helped with security and was also asked to sell cigarettes, alcohol, and juices. This provided me with a great opportunity to talk about Dafa and give Shen Yun DVDs to people, and help them withdraw from the CCP.

I also gave truth-clarification materials and copies of the Minghui Weekly to my colleagues. One of my colleagues asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun after reading the Minghui Weekly. He has already read the book five or six times.

After reading the Minghui Weekly, one manager said that he was shocked to learn about organ harvesting from practitioners who were still alive. I used this opportunity to talk about the Nine Commentaries and the evil nature of the CCP to him. I told him that I hoped that he and his family would quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations soon. Even though he didn't show his stance, I knew that as long as I kept up my efforts, did it for saving sentient beings and put my heart into it, the final outcome would be good.

Another manager went from not believing the truth to believing it. Now he is thinking about reading Zhuan Falun.

Without Teacher's protection and benevolence, I could not have done anything. Teacher has been supporting all practitioners! Thinking back over the past 14 years of my cultivation, I feel happy and proud, but also know that there are many things that I could have done better. I will treasure this opportunity, study the Fa more, seize the time to save sentient beings, walk my cultivation path well and never let down Teacher's saving grace.