(Minghui.org) Lawyers representing practitioners Mr. Chen Wenduo and Mr. Han Xi'ao were denied their legal right to read case files and were given the run-around by officials from the Bayuquan Police Department, public prosecution department in the Procuratorate, and the court.

Despite the lawyers' prior request to read the case files, staff from the public prosecution department quickly transferred them to the court to prevent the lawyers from reading them.

Dong Wei, the prosecutor in charge of the case for Mr. Chen Wenduo; Han Xiao, the prosecutor in charge of the case for Mr. Han Xi'ao; and Sun Hongwei, the manager of the public prosecution department worked together to prevent the lawyers from reading the files. This was in violation of the defense lawyers' and the defendants' rights. The lawyers have still been unable to read any of the case files.

When the defense lawyers and family members of Mr. Chen and Mr. Han went to the detention center to request to meet with the two practitioners in relation to the case, guard Zhang Jincai informed them that they could only see one of the practitioners, as it was only in relation to one case. The family members and the lawyers protested but to no avail.

The police ransacked Mr. Han and Mr. Chen's homes when they illegally arrested them. They confiscated a computer, DVD burner and a printer from Mr. Han's home, and confiscated all the valuables from Mr. Chen's home, including a digital camera, GPS system, cell phone, hard disk and important documents.