(Minghui.org) When I first read Master new article, “Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference,” on the Minghui website, I felt as if I were there in person, listening to Master lecture, with my whole body and heart immersed in enormous grace and benevolence.

Suddenly, I got a shock when I read a practitioner’s question, “Do personal businesses fall within the scope of the issue you mentioned?”

The practitioner's question used the Chinese word 你 (pronounced “Ni”) to address Master. In Chinese, there are two words that mean “you:” 你 and 您 (pronounced “Nin”). “Ni” is used in general; “Nin” is used to address someone of senior status. “Nin” is much more respectful than “Ni.”

I read the sentence several more times, with tears running down my face. I felt so sad that we didn’t show respect for Master. And I was shocked that a Dafa disciple would talk like that. Of course, this question might have been raised by a new practitioner or it might have been raised in another language and mistranslated. But it was not accidental that I saw it.

People in China have been polluted by the Communist Party culture. It is not rare to see examples of practitioners' arrogance and pretentiousness, or lack of respect for Master or Dafa.

One common reflection of not respecting the Fa is not respecting the Dafa books. Some practitioners put the books just anywhere, without considering if the location is appropriate; some open the book and lay it face down; and some put their eyeglasses on the book.

Some practitioners prefer new books. After they read a copy of Zhuan Falun many times and the book shows signs of wear, they get another copy. Some have gotten several copies already.

Many practitioners can print a collection of Master's lectures and articles. Some practitioners keep asking for the latest copy, because their earlier set does not have the newest lectures.

To me, this is not treating the Dafa materials with respect. As a printer, I will turn down a veteran practitioner's request for Dafa books or a set of Master's articles. I know they all get copies of each and every one of Master's articles and lectures. They can read those single copies. But I will print full collections for new practitioners.

When practitioners give their torn or used books or single articles to me, I feel sad. The first Dafa book that I read was a not-so-neatly-handwritten copy. Once when a friend accidentally spilled water on the first page of my copy, I hand-copied that page and replaced it. It had some errors, but it was a great treasure to me. I knew Master said, “Handwritten copies have the same power of Fa as the printed books.” (“Handling Handwritten Copies of Scriptures,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

Now many practitioners, including me, do not cherish Dafa books that much, since it is so easy to get a replacement and we can even make one on our own. However, the desire to get a new Dafa book may be an attachment to a new book rather than cherishing the precious Fa.

In the past, when people cultivated with lower-level practice methods, they might spend their entire life waiting or searching for the Fa, so as to not to miss the opportunity. Now, as Dafa spreads all over the world, how can we not respect it and work to get rid of our attachments? If we miss the sacred opportunity, we'll end up with endless remorse.

Fellow practitioners, let's truly respect Master and cherish Dafa!

Please point out my gaps.