(Minghui.org) Our family recently reunited and gave thanks to Master and Dafa for our good fortune.

I retired in 1992 and suffered from knee arthritis. I used to bike whenever I was outside. I accidentally broke a femoral bone in my thigh in 2008 and was forced to have it replaced. I was then relegated to using crutches. Additionally, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2011. I spent a lot of money on treatment, but was told the disease could not be cured.

I was paralyzed and bedridden when I was discharged. My wife became frantic and consulted with specialists everywhere, but to no avail. The prognosis was still bleak. We were very depressed.

My situation continued to deteriorate: I had convulsions, my hands and fingers became deformed, and I was unable to move my legs. The pain was unbearable, and I saw no way out of my predicament. Although my wife was willing to help, she was 80 years old, so we had to hire a nanny.

My wife's health had also declined in recent years. In early 2013, she started suffering from heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and sudden deafness. I saw her face turn increasingly greenish yellow.

We felt helpless. However, one day two former students visited and told us about a cultivation practice called Falun Dafa. They mentioned how millions of people had benefitted from it, and that it could possibly help cure our illnesses.

We could not accept the spiritual teachings at the beginning, due to having been brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) “atheism.”

Those two students visited often and told us stories of miraculous recoveries, even from practitioners who had suffered from terminal illnesses.

They also brought us a copy of Zhuan Falun. After reading the book, we gained a new understanding of the universe and human life. We learned that the universe was very complex and many lives lived in other dimensions. My wife and I, and our nanny, decided to start cultivation practice in Falun Dafa.

As we sat down for dinner in front of Master's portrait this past July, we expressed our heartfelt gratitude for the dawn of our new lives. We will no longer be afraid of hardship and suffering, and vowed to cultivate until the end.

We now regularly study the Fa and play Master's teachings on audio and video. We also learned how to do the five sets of exercises.

My wife soon after, felt a strong energy current moving from her head, down her arms and all the way to her toes. She was so excited: “Master has taken me as his student! Master's law bodies are helping purify my body.” Since then, her blood pressure has returned to normal, and her heart disease has vanished.

My wife is now smiling every day. Her face is smooth and rosy. She has completely recovered. I study the Fa, listen to Master's Fa lectures and work on improving my xinxing every day.

I recently noticed my age spots have gradually disappeared. I can also hold a pen and pick up a bowl to eat. And believe it or not, I can turn my body, get out of bed and sit.

Even though I still cannot walk, I am very confident. My face is rosy, and I no longer look like a sick person. All this is due to Dafa's help.

In addition to appreciating Master and Dafa, we now clarify the truth whenever my relatives visit.

I sincerely hope my sharing will encourage those people who are struggling with illness to cultivate in Dafa and be able to overcome their hardships.

Thank you, Master! Thank you for offering us new lives.