(Minghui.org) In this report, we present a selection of 26 greetings sent from Falun Dafa practitioners from different professions, including:

• Daqing Oilfield in Heilongjiang Province• Kaijiang County Health System in Sichuan Province• Dazhou City Health System in Sichuan Province• Property Management System• Agricultural Development Bank of China• Shengli Oilfield in Shandong Province• Sichuan Province Health System• Liaohe Oilfield in Liaoning Province• Enping City Tax and Finance Bureau in Guangdong Province• Shijiazhuang Supply and Marketing Cooperatives in Hebei Province• Tianan Coalmine Group in Shandong Province• Yichun City Power System in Heilongjiang Province• Minying Hospital in Kaijiang County, Sichuan Province

In addition to professionals working in above-mentioned workplaces, the well-wishers also include five people spanning three generations of a Heilongjiang family, a married couple who has to move from place to place to avoid arrest, and a bank employee from Kunming City, Yunnan Province.