(Minghui.org) A mother and daughter were arrested on their way to visit a relative on December 9, 2014. Following the arrest, the police raided their home and arrested another daughter who was home.

The three women—all Falun Gong practitioners—are victims of a new wave of arrests by police in Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province, who claimed to be following a “strict management” policy targeting local practitioners.

The three practitioners were interrogated by police at the Fu'an Police Station. Officer Wu Zeben threatened them: “Now that you are arrested, don't even think you're getting out of here.”

Wu also threatened one of the daughters Ms. Li Xue who had just been released last year from a seven-year-sentence for upholding her belief. Wu said, “Even if you don't say anything and refuse to sign our papers, we'll still find a way to put you back into jail.”

The practitioners were held at the police station overnight. The mother and two daughters were detained separately. When their family members went there, the police denied them visitation.

The next morning, the police took them for physical examinations. One of the daughters Ms. Li Mei refused to cooperate. More than ten officers carried her into the car. While struggling with the police, Ms. Li's fingers almost broke. Her arm swelled.

Bruise on Ms. Li Mei's faceMs. Li Mei's swollen arm

The mother, Ms. Song Guixiang, failed the physical checkup because of high blood pressure and thus would not be admitted by the detention center.

Ms. Song insisted that she would not leave without her daughters. The police deceived her and said that her daughters had already returned home.

After the mother was released, the police transferred the two daughters to Jiaozhou Detention Center. Both started a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Five days later, one daughter, Ms. Li Xue, was in critical condition and hospitalized. Seeing that her situation worsened after some medical treatment, the police contacted her father and told him to take her home.

The other daughter, Ms. Li Mei, was also released later on.

The three practitioners are now in the process of demanding that the police return the items they confiscated from their home that filled several police cars, including computers, printers, Falun Gong materials, cellphones, as well as Ms. Song's 20,000 yuan paycheck.

Parties involved in persecuting Ms. Song and her daughters:Jiaozhou 610 Office: +86-532-8228807Li Shiming (李世明), head of Jiaozhou Police Department: +86-13806393566, +86-532-82207166 (Office), +86-532-88316208 (Home)Zhang Haichen (张海琛), head of Fu'an Police Station: +86-532-87226871Wang Chunlin (王春林), police officer: +86-13780696306 (Mobile)Wu Zeben (吴泽本), police officer: +86-13606307778 (Mobile)Jiaozhou Detention Center: +86-532-85231983