(Minghui.org) Two residents from Dongkou County, Hunan Province were sentenced again for posting stickers with messages informing the public about the Communist regime's persecution of Falun Gong. Their families say the court deliberately kept them in the dark about the trial date.

Mr. Xiao Jianhao (肖剑豪) and Ms. Zeng Liaoyun (曾了元) are now serving their four-year sentences in different prisons.

In 2004, Mr. Xiao was sentenced to 7 years and Ms. Zeng to 6 years under similar charges. Upon their release, local “610 Office” agents and police officers harassed them at home.

The two practitioners were arrested on June 17. Huayuan Town Police Station in Dongkou County sent them both to Dongkou Detention Center.

Officers ransacked the practitioners' homes that afternoon and again three days later. They seized Mr. Xiao's music player and both practitioners' satellite dishes.

Two 610 Office personnel and a police officer visited Mr. Xiao at the detention center in early September. They ordered him to call his family and promise his loved ones that he'd be released as soon as he signed a statement prepared by the police.

Mr. Xiao, who is in his 70s, refused to sign the document.

The court later sentenced Mr. Xiao and 66-year-old Ms. Zheng each to four years without their families' knowledge. On December 9, Mr. Xiao was transferred to Wangling Prison in Zhuzhou and Ms. Xiao to Changsha Women's Prison.

Perpetrators' Contact Information:Huayuan Town Police Station: +86-739-7025318Dongkou County Domestic Security Office: +86-739-7230750