(Minghui.org) Zhou Yongkang, China's former security czar, was arrested in the early morning of December 6, 2014, and an official criminal investigation was launched. Although the charges he faces, which range from adultery and bribery to leaking state secrets, did not include live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners, they are sufficient to lead to a life sentence or the death penalty. As Zhou's followers have been taken down one after another, there is talk of more high-profile cases to come.

In fact some Chinese news outlets have published reports on how former heads of states were investigated in other nations, including Hosni Mubarak, the former Egyptian leader, who was on trial for corruption and abuse of power. This implies that not only Zhou but also the former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Jiang Zemin will most likely face a similar fate.

This is not surprising. Bo Xilai, the former Minister of Commerce, Zhou and Jiang, were all key perpetrators in the regime's persecution of Falun Gong. Headed by Jiang, the regime utilized its massive propaganda machine, the police and army to harm innocent practitioners, as well as incite fear in the public at the mere mention of the the principles of Falun Gong: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. After the regime staged the Self-Immolation Incident at Tiananmen Square in 2001, and started killing imprisoned practitioners for their organs, the majority of the Chinese public had turned against Falun Gong and sunk below the baseline of mankind's moral standards.

An audio file released by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) of a phone conversation with Bai Shuzhong, the former Minister of Health for the Chinese military, indicated that Jiang Zemin personally ordered hospitals to harvest organs from practitioners (More information: http://www.upholdjustice.org/node/260). But what Jiang and the other perpetrators did not expect is that they would be held accountable for their actions, which is a natural law that has sustained human society throughout history. Some of the tribulations that have now befallen these former leaders may seem incidental, but all are actually based on this heavenly law.

The list of the high-ranking officials heavily involved in the persecution is long and extends to Xu Caihou (former Central Military Commission vice chairman), Su Rong (former Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) and Li Dongsheng (former Chinese Central TV deputy director, and the former Vice Minister of Public Security). These people were the key antagonists in the nationwide persecution that not only brought misery to tens of millions of practitioners and their family members, but also suffocated the future of all Chinese people by dragging them onto a path of conflict with the cornerstone principles of human society, a path of no return.

Practitioners in various countries often raise awareness of the severe persecution in China and hope to hold the key perpetrators accountable, which includes also Luo Gan (former head of Central Political and Legislative Committee, 1998-2007), Zeng Qinghong (First Secretary of Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of China, 2002-2007), and Liu Yunshan (Director of Central Propaganda Department, 2002-2012). As the 610 Office and its oversight organization, the Political and Legislative Committee, are the primary drivers of the nationwide suppression of Falun Gong, these people are the key antagonists of the systematic persecution that consists of both hate propaganda and severe brutality.

The situation in China may seem complex on the surface, but these incidents all point to an underlying principle in human society that can be summarized by the old Chinese saying: “Good is rewarded with good, and evil meets evil.” Everyone will be held responsible for his or her actions and it is only a matter of time. As the situation unfolds further, people will see this domino effect more clearly, and understand the harm that the regime has done to mankind.