(Minghui.org) In 2001, the police arrested many Falun Gong practitioners. I was one of them, and held in a detention center with other detainees. We took the opportunity to clarify the facts about the persecution of Falun Gong to them.

One of the inmates, a 20-year-old who was a prostitute, was well regarded by other inmates in the detention center. After she learned about the persecution, she angrily said, “Falun Gong practitioners are truly great people, and we are the bad ones. Why should they be here?”

When another practitioner and I were doing the meditation exercise, she wanted to join us. So we taught her a few movements. After we finished the exercise, her face glowed with a rosy complexion. She told us with excitement, “Auntie, all that you've told me is real. When I was doing the meditation, I levitated. Falun Gong is simply amazing.”

In 2007, before I was sentenced to prison, I was working in the courtyard of the detention center with another practitioner. I started to sing aloud:

“Falling into the depths of the mortal world,Lost without finding my path to return home,I've wandered in the maze for thousands of years,And blissfully I encountered my Master,who offers salvation to mankind,Be saved,Be saved,Let's not miss the chance to be saved.”

I paused after singing the song once. Then, I heard people shouting, “Why did you stop? Keep on!” I turned my head, and saw crowds of inmates straining to hear the song again.

Then, the other practitioner and I continued singing. Our voices became very clear and penetrating. It healed the wounded hearts of the inmates like nectar springs, impacting the entire detention center. Many inmates were weeping.

At noon, one of the male inmates asked me, “Are you a Falun Gong practitioner? I was moved to tears when you were singing.” I sang the song again at night in the prison cell. One of the inmates, a girl who was a drug addict, started crying softly, and after a short time, she burst into tears and cried out loud: “I am so regretful. I promise I will stop abusing myself with drugs. Auntie, I will look for you once I get out of here. I want to practice Falun Gong, too.”

Why was it so? Simply because the Fa that offers salvation has such power.