(Minghui.org) The Chinese regime's policy of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners continues, yet many individuals have learned the facts, owing to persistent truth-clarification efforts by practitioners. These individuals include those in law enforcement agencies, whose job is to carry out the persecution.

The following events happened in our local area.

Mysterious Phone Call

Practitioner A received a phone call from the police station in November, asking him to bring warm clothing for his wife, who was detained at the station. The practitioner hurriedly packed some clothing and was about to leave, when he got another call.

The second caller warned him not to go, revealing that the police were using the request for clothing to lure him to the station so they could detain him.

The caller also advised him to hide out for a few days. Practitioner A was doubtful, but nonetheless decided to stay away and keep an eye out for trouble. Sure enough, when the police saw that he did not take the bait, officers were sent to his house twice to investigate.

It was later discovered that the second phone call had been made by someone in an agency in charge of persecuting practitioners.

This officer later told us that during the years when he was persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, he had done many things he was now ashamed of. He now knew that the persecution was wrong, and he was attempting to clear his conscience by doing good deeds and making up for his past mistakes.

“Go Home and Cultivate Diligently”

Practitioner B was captured by police and illegally sentenced to one year in jail. When her daughter visited her in prison, the head guard asked, “Do you support your mother in practicing Falun Gong?”

The daughter replied, “Of course I support her! My mother had an incurable disease, and she was going to die. Falun Gong saved her. Don't people talk about filial piety? Falun Gong allowed her to escape death. How could we discourage her from practicing? We strongly support her.”

The guard continued, “Don't you have a job? Aren't you afraid of losing it?”

Her son-in-law broke in, “We aren't scared. We rely on our skills to feed ourselves. If this place doesn't work out then there are always other places to find jobs.”

The head guard then gave them a thumbs up and said, “Good stuff!”

When Practitioner B's husband visited her at the detention center, the head guard also asked him, “Do you support your wife in practicing Falun Gong?”

“She had an incurable disease and we lived in the mountains where there are no roads. For years I carried her up and down to see a doctor. Who else would help me? I would carry her for a while, then sit down and rest a little. It was very tiring and miserable,” said her husband.

“Our money had almost run out, and she was on her death bed. In the end it was practicing Falun Gong that saved her. People who don't know the facts about Falun Gong close their eyes to the truth and spread lies. But I'm not blind. I saw clearly that her health improved by practicing Falun Gong. What reason do I have not to support her? I support her in practicing Falun Gong!” The guard said to her husband, “Your family is brave enough to defend your relatives. Your family is good.”

Practitioner B was released from jail a year later. Before she left, the head guard told her, “When you get home, cultivate diligently to make up for the lost year.”

“In the Future You Won't Need to Come See Me”

Practitioner C was innocently summoned to the police station. At first, she refused to go, thinking, “Why should I go to the police station? Should I be at their beck and call? Should Dafa practitioners follow their orders?” She then corrected herself and realized, “Normally, when I want to clarify the truth to police officers, I don't have the chance. Isn't this a great opportunity?” So she went.

When she entered, the police officer asked her, “Have you been cultivating well lately?” She was surprised and wondered why the officer asked about her cultivation. This wasn't just a coincidence.

She clarified the facts to the officer, “My cultivation is going great. Never have I been this healthy. I'm nearly 70, yet I haven't touched any medicine, nor seen a doctor or been to a hospital. When I walk, I feel like my feet barely touch the ground. Life is pretty relaxed. Thanks to my master, I'm in a very good condition, and my mind has never been sharper.

“You may think I'm uneducated because I never attended school and I am illiterate, but I know the way of heaven and earth, where people come from, and where they're supposed to go. I don't harbor grudges against people, and I don't do bad things. It's not only me who is thriving--my children have good jobs and my grandson is academically outstanding.

“My family is happy, and everyone is healthy. Life has never been better. The thing I can't let go of is the thought that people like you are still committing crimes and persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. You are on the edge of a cliff. You mustn't follow in the footsteps of Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai, who have persecuted practitioners and have now received karmic retribution.”

The police officer listened and chuckled, “It's true that you are doing well--you don't have to say any more. You can go home. In the future you won't need to come see me again.”