(Minghui.org) Although I knew that we should not be attached to another practitioner's attachments, I found it hard to put into practice. It is easy to see other people's shortcomings and get caught up in looking externally.

Recently, a new practitioner who was a philosophy teacher came to our group Fa study. His way of thinking was full of Communist Party culture. He asked me to type up an article he wrote. His article showed that he was not clear about some Fa principles and also quoted Master's Fa inappropriately. The article was full of the Party culture and used the dialectical logic. I pointed this out to him but he didn't accept it, and argued with me using his dialectical thinking. Some of the practitioners were affected by him and found excuses for not being diligent in cultivation themselves.

How could I communicate with him to make him realize his problems and not affect the other practitioners? How could I talk to him from the Fa perspective? I found it hard to make him understand.

My husband, who is also a practitioner, reminded me that I had to cultivate myself and not get attached to other practitioners' cultivation states. All conflicts are opportunities that Master arranges for me to improve. My husband reminded me not to look outside, and that I must let go of my own attachments before the other practitioner could change his state. He said that this problem occurred to help me cultivate, but instead I only looked at his faults without improving myself.

I realized that I should cultivate myself under any circumstance and should not point fingers at others. I should look at other practitioners' merits, not focus on their shortcomings. Then I found that this practitioner had changed a lot, compared to how he was when he joined group Fa study.

When I changed myself, this practitioner changed as well. He said to me: “I thought about the problems you pointed out to me after I went home and found that you were right. I have rectified them.”

Another practitioner told a similar story the other day.

Master answered the question that a practitioner raised about pyramid schemes and direct sales in “Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference.” Practitioner A was engaged in a pyramid scheme. Practitioner B communicated with him about this, but he denied that he was involved in a pyramid scheme and came up with many theories to show that he didn't do anything inappropriate. Practitioner B contemplated whether she herself was too attached. She then realized that she shouldn't be attached to the result after she pointed out the problem to him. Several minutes later Practitioner A said to Practitioner B that he indeed was not right in engaging in the pyramid scheme. Practitioner B was very touched and realized that no matter the circumstance she had to cultivate herself instead of pointing fingers at other practitioners.

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