(Minghui.org) Before I found Falun Dafa, I was in very poor health. I was on medication and injections all the time. My and my husband's work units should have covered the medical expenses, but I had to pay some of it myself because I was receiving so much treatment.

Though I was in my thirties, my health was like an old lady. I suffered from psoriasis, sore and watery eyes, headache, pharyngitis, urinary infection and stomach problems. I easily caught cold. My rheumatism also tortured me especially in Autumn. My limbs were swollen and painful, and I was not able to sleep at night.

My father came across Zhuan Falun in a bookstore in 1996 and bought a copy. My younger sister from Beijing read the book and found it really good. She started to practice Falun Dafa when she returned to Beijing. One month later she wrote a letter to my father telling him how wonderful Falun Dafa was and suggested that the whole family practice Falun Dafa.

My older sister was practicing another qigong at that time and was against anyone in our family learning Falun Dafa. But after careful consideration my father reckoned that Falun Dafa was good. He bought nine copies of Zhuan Falun for various family members.

One day when I returned home, my father encouraged me to practice Falun Dafa. But I said to him that I would practice it after I retired. I knew Falun Dafa was good because my family members said so. But I didn’t have much time due to my poor health and family and work commitments.

My father then read the article “Practicing Cultivation after Retirement” from Essentials for Further Advancement to me. I asked him to keep the book for me and I would come to pick it up when I wanted to learn.

My younger sister came home in October and told me the miraculous experiences she had since she began practicing Falun Dafa. She had recovered from all of her illnesses. My parents also shared their experiences. But I still hesitated. My younger sister said that they could not force me to learn Falun Dafa and I had to learn it out of my own accord.

I was struggling to decide about learning or not learning. My brother came that night and told me how wonderful Falun Dafa was. It seemed that I had let myself be left out in this matter. My father confirmed that I was indeed missing out. I began to stay at my parents’ home at night and naturally followed along when they did the exercises and studied the Fa.

I felt I had completely changed by the time I was half-way through reading Zhuan Falun. I felt illness-free and my perspective of the world changed. I was energetic and happy.

I followed Falun Dafa principles in my daily life and reconciled with my mother-in-law. My family became harmonious. I chose to ride a bicycle to work leaving the motor scooter to my sister-in-law. When her husband was away on business trips, she would bring her child to my home. I cooked for them. They frequently came to my home for meals. I helped her sew quilts until 2 a.m. on New Year’s Eve while leaving my own quilts untouched.

I was a school teacher. At school I strictly behaved according to Falun Dafa principles. I did my own job as well as helping other colleagues with their work. One of my colleagues said that I competed for everything before, but left everything for others after I became a Falun Dafa practitioner. Once my colleagues voted me “An Excellent Teacher.” I became one of the top teachers.

I was detained after the CCP started the persecution on July 20, 1999. After I was released on bail and returned to my school, nearly all of my students cried when they saw me and many teachers cried too. Two students smiled. Their parents told me that they smiled because they were happy to see their beloved teacher come back to them again.