(Minghui.org) Police in Xuzhou illegally arrested six Falun Dafa practitioners and tortured them for nine consecutive days in an attempt to extort a confession. The practitioners were sentenced to between four and eight years in prison after a show trial. Before the arrest, police tapped the practitioners' phones and monitored their conversations.

Police in Feng County, Xuzhou arrested the six practitioners on May 4, 2013. Officers Wang Guohua (王国华) and Wang Weihua (王卫华) tortured the practitioners during the interrogation between May 4-12, 2013. All six practitioners were sentenced to prison on November 28. Some of their families have filed an appeal.

The two officers punched Ms. Sun Meiying (孙梅英), 63, many times on her shoulders. The presiding judge Xie Fuzhi (谢福志) sentenced her to eight years in prison.

Officers put a bright light in front of Ms. Liu Qiaozhen (刘巧珍), 44, and deprived her of sleep for three days. She was sentenced to four years in prison.

Police dumped cold water on Ms. Guo Yanhua (郭艳华), 50, and slapped her. They pinched her inner thigh and caused severe bruising. The police threatened to hurt her family if she reported them during the trial. She was sentenced to five years in prison.

Ms. Si Xiuli (司秀丽), Ms. Li Xinrong (李新荣) and Ms. Jiang Qun (姜群) were sentenced to prison for seven, five and four and a half years, respectively.

Perpetrators actively involved in the arrest, torture and trial of the six practitioners:

Su Min (苏敏), captain of the Domestic Security Division, in charge of this case: +86-516-68603891(Office), +86-13912012009 (Cell), +86-13905229500 (Cell), +86-516-89155291, +86-13705228137 (Cell)Cheng Keming (程科茗), in charge of the trial: +86-516-89155561 (Office), +86-13914809296 (Cell)Ma Benying (马本营), deputy of the 610 Office: +86-516-89208313 (Office), +86-13802019023 (Cell)Xie Fuzhi (谢福志), presiding judge of the trial at Feng County Court, +86-13952217798 (Cell)Jiang Tao (蒋涛), judge at Feng County Court, +86-13775801670 (Cell)