(Minghui.org) I am 49 years old, and I started practicing Falun Gong in January 1999. I had congenital heart disease and was very sick and weak. Six months after I started practicing, the disease disappeared, and for the first time in my life I enjoyed good health.

I was born in a poor family. I was diagnosed with congenital heart disease soon after I was born, and I often ran high fevers for several days and nights. Once, the fever was so high that I slipped into a coma. My parents couldn't bear to see me die, so they took me to a large hospital for treatment.

The emergency department doctor advised my parents after examining me to not seek treatment, as I was dying. I was very thin, my lips were purple and my complexion dark. My parents felt they were left with no other alternative and were ready to let me go. But when they saw the tears in my eyes they took me home.

On the way back, I lapsed into a coma again. My parents decided that I had died, and that they would bury me when they got home. However, I woke up. For years my family struggled with this enormous burden. My life was miserable and I was always frightened by the thumping noise of my heart beat.

As I grew older, I started attending school. My parents hoped that an education would help me get a better job when I grew up, and that I would be able to get married. I felt getting educated was my only hope and I studied hard. However, this faint hope was also taken away just before an education entrance examination.

During a health check-up, the doctor who listened to my heart was shocked when she heard my thumping heart beat, and said it was like an eight degree typhoon. She asked another doctor to listen to my heart, who was also shocked and said, “It's very serious! Very serious!”

The hospital authorities had a consultation meeting and the conclusion was: Severe congenital heart disease; blood vessels were blocked, which could lead to myocardial infarction. Her life is in danger at any moment. My only hope was thus ended.

Eventually, I did get married and gave birth to a boy and a girl. Life was hard and my husband and I quarreled every day because our personalities clashed. My condition kept worsening and I cried every day. I finally lost hope in life completely.

My husband's friends told him about Falun Gong at a get-together and said that the practice could alleviate illnesses and elevate one's morality. My husband told me about it and encouraged me to learn Falun Gong.

I went to a practice site where practitioners taught me the exercises and gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun.

I read through the book attentively and realized that it was a very precious book that offers people guidance in life.

Master said,

“I do not talk about healing illness here, and neither will we heal illness. As a genuine practitioner, however, you cannot practice cultivation with an ill body. I will purify your body. The body purification will be done only for those who come to truly learn the practice and the Fa. We emphasize one point: If you cannot relinquish the attachment or concern for illness, we cannot do anything and will be unable to help you.” (Lecture One in Zhuan Falun)

After I studied this paragraph of the Fa, I made up my mind that I would let go of my attachment to my disease and I wouldn't even think about it. I would trust Master and the Fa and put my whole heart into cultivating myself. I would consider others at all times and would never argue with others for personal gain, and I would be a person of high morals. Master also said,

“Thus, it becomes that “the gong cultivates practitioners,” which is also called “the Fa cultivates practitioners." (Lecture One in Zhuan Falun)

I practiced the exercises once or twice a day and I could clearly feel the mechanisms rotating in my body. It was a very comfortable feeling, and I could feel my body being adjusted. A month later, I started to have a lot of blood in my stool. The blood clots were black. Afterwards, I felt very relaxed and energetic.

As I practiced the exercises more and more and kept improving my xinxing, I had a few more such incidents, and gradually, the blood was almost cleared out. Master then started to mend the hole in my heart.

I felt a big hand stretch into my heart one night when I was almost asleep. It gave my heart a soft rub and gently pulled it down a bit. All of a sudden I could feel that my heart started to beat normally. It had only been six months since I started practicing Falun Gong, and my severe congenital heart disease was completely cured!

I turned into a new person. People say that I'm growing backwards, because the older I get, the younger I look. I told them that it is all because I practice Falun Gong, a cultivation practice of mind and body. I used to weigh less than 40 kg, but now I weigh almost 70 kg. My face used to look dark with many freckles, but now my skin looks fine and soft, with a rosy complexion. I used to have a narrow face and a pointed chin, but now I have a round happy face. Everyone who knows me says: Falun Dafa is truly wonderful!