(Minghui.org) A practitioner called me on the phone a few days ago. She cried as she told me her story. She had been suffering with edema for some time. Many practitioners who knew of her situation had encouraged her, shared experiences, and helped her look for her attachments. They told her to negate the persecution of sickness karma. She said she couldn’t find any more attachments that she needed to eliminate. The edema became more and more severe. She felt that her belly was going to explode.

I didn’t know her real situation, but I knew that when we are going through tribulations it is very important to study the Fa. We could also ask Master for help if we ourselves were unable to handle the situation.

I studied medicine at the university and worked in a medical ward in a hospital after graduation. I refused to give up my belief in Falun Dafa in 1999, and so was demoted to working in the radiology department. My colleagues knew that my white blood cells were greatly reduced when I worked in the radiology department before. I thought the hospital management assigned me to there in order to force me to give up my practice.

The machines in the radiology department were old and obsolete, so they emitted a large amount of radiation. My work was to take care of the patients there and turn on or off those machines. Employees were poorly protected from the radiation. In spite of that, I found it to be a good place for me to tell patients about Falun Dafa.

I often felt very tired while working there. My body would feel swollen, and when I went home after work, I went straight to bed. After some rest, I would get up to do the Falun Dafa exercises. In the morning I would do the sitting meditation.

Sometimes my throat would be uncomfortable due to the radiation and I would read Zhuan Falun out loud. I would then feel better and my voice became clear and pleasant again. That way I was able to stay strong.

I was nearly 30 years old but looked more like a twenty-one year old. My skin was soft and cheeks rosy. Some thought I still looked like a teenager. Even my voice over the phone sounded like that of a child's. Often I told others that I look and sound young because I practice Falun Dafa, an advanced cultivation way for mind and body.

A fellow practitioner shared that we shouldn't ask for help from Master too frequently. It was a heart of reliance. Another practitioner also seriously pointed out this attachment to me. I too felt that I had this attachment and made up my mind to let it go.

I started my menstruation, and then it didn't stop. According to medical facts, it was because a large number of my platelets and other clotting factors were damaged by the radiation.

That time I didn't ask for help from Master as I did previously; instead I silently endured. I went to work and did the exercises and studied the Fa as usual. At that time Master hadn't talked about sending forth righteous thoughts.

On the ninth day my face was very pale and I only had strength when doing the Falun Dafa exercises or studying the Fa.

By the twelfth day I had trouble walking and could only stand steady on my feet when exercising. I had to even lay on my bed to study the Fa. I looked at Master's photo and was wondering if I could ask for help from Master. I was not sure if it was my attachment.

Master smiled at me kindly. I realized that of course I could ask Master for help. I was His disciple. When in danger I could certainly ask Master. It was not my heart of reliance. My human body and the part that hadn't completed cultivation were unable to prevent some of the interferences from other dimensions. Our omnipotent Master was controlling everything at a macroscopic level in the universe. My menstruation stopped after my realization.

I then remembered that during the early days of Master's lecturing, He told us to call his name if we came across demonic interferences. I used to say to Master: “please help me,” “please save me” or “please strengthen me.” Sometimes I saw horrific scenes at night in my apartment. I would open my copy of Zhuan Falun, look at Master's photo and then fall asleep quickly.

My menstruation problem affected my speaking to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. When I asked Master for help, I actually chose the path that he had arranged for me, not the path that the old forces forced upon me that could cause me to lose my human body.

Minghui articles mentioned that when practitioners shouted “Master” when being persecuted, the perpetrators stopped their evil actions immediately. Master's law bodies are looking after us. When we were unable to solve problems, he would help us when we clearly asked him for help.

If our minds are full of human notions, even if we thought we had done well and acted with compassion and no fear, we are still practitioners who didn't study the Fa well. Master taught in the Fa that one of the reasons that the old forces prevented Him from helping us was that the practitioners in tribulations forgot that they were Dafa disciples. Let us never forget who we are, or why we are here.

The above was my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.