(Minghui.org) Practicing Falun Dafa gave me a second chance at life. For over 12 years I was so ill that I was referred to as “the dying person.” I ached all over and had heart and stomach problems, liver stones, a duodenal ulcer, and hypertension, just to mention a few of my ailments. I thought about committing suicide but hesitated because of my child.

The teacher of Falun Dafa came to our hometown to teach the Fa in the winter of 1992. My husband asked Teacher about me. He told him that I could attend the lectures. Hearing what Teacher said, I felt my entire body change because there was hope. I decided to go see him.

Teacher looked so familiar, as if I had known him in this or a previous lifetime. Teacher asked me to close my eyes, and I felt a large hand patting me. Instantly I felt freed of all my troubles and ailments. It was wonderful.

I looked fresher and my face glowed. Teacher asked me to ride a bike in front of everyone. They were amazed by how dramatically I had changed and applauded. I was so moved that I wanted to kneel down in front of Teacher.

I was in my 30s, but felt as if I had returned to my childhood. Teacher stayed in our hometown for ten days. After he left, I followed Teacher to Xiaocheng and Damin. My heart was filled with joy and happiness.

When I practiced the exercises, I truly felt what Teacher described in Zhuan Falun. When I did the sitting meditation, I floated in the air on my blanket. When I did the standing exercises, I entered tranquility. When I studied the Fa, I was immersed in it. During that time, my happiness was beyond words.