(Minghui.org) Many practitioners regularly clarify the truth at our local tourist site, but Mr. Li was the most effective. One day, he helped more than 200 people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Mr. Li goes there every day, rain or shine. He said, "Master arranged everything for us. We have no reason not to do our best. If I miss one day, many people will miss the chance to be saved, so it's very important to go daily. The old forces try to make you feel you don't want to go, but we must everyday."

Last year we mainly distributed truth clarifying materials, and seldom talked to people about quitting the CCP. This year, more and more practitioners came to help. Mr. Li could only persuade about 20 people to quit per day in the beginning. Now he helps more than 100 to quit each day. He said it's most important to look inward unconditionally whenever conflicts occur.

After Looking Inward, Tour Guide Changes

Mr. Li said that nearly every day, he meets someone who insults or even tries to hit him. In the beginning, the attitudes of many tour guides and tour group leaders were extremely bad.

Many practitioners know from their experiences at tourist sites that one of the biggest obstacles to their truth clarification efforts are tour guides or tour group leaders. If they have a bad opinion of us, then very likely when tourists get off the bus, they would look nervous and would ignore us. Some tourists quietly told us that if they would take our materials, they would lose their job when they returned to China.

Mr. Li was distributing informational materials one day and was asking people to quit the CCP, when a tour guide rushed towards him, grabbed the materials from Mr. Li's hands, and started to beat him fiercely. Mr. Li thought, “We are here to clarify the truth and save people. I cannot allow him to beat a Falun Dafa practitioner.” So Mr. Li stopped the tour guide. Then the tour guide yelled at him. When Mr. Li thought about the incident afterward, he knew there must be some attachments he needed to get rid of. He thought, yes, the tour guide's attitude was bad, but he was being controlled by the CCP and we should save him. If the tour guide continues this attitude, fewer people will be awakened. Mr. Li was determined to change the guide's attitude.

The next time when Mr. Li saw this tour guide, he said hello. He apologized to the guide, and said, "I was too pushy the other day." Mr. Li kept chatting with the guide whenever he had a chance. Gradually the guide's attitude toward us changed from hostile, to tolerating us, to handing tourists the materials himself, to finally he would tell the tourists, "Go take their materials."

Many practitioners now greet the tour guides and tour group leaders as soon as they see them, following the example of Mr. Li and others. When they get on the tour bus, they greet the guide and say, "You work so hard! I hope your business is good and I wish you good fortune!" Most of the guides allow practitioners to hand out materials on their buses. Some of them greet practitioners warmly and say: "You work hard." Some even call out to the tourists, "Here are the Falun Gong materials. Come and get them!"

One day, a tour guide said to Mr. Li, "You work so hard. Please give me some informational materials, and I'll distribute them for you on the bus." Mr. Li gave the guide a dozen, and the guide got on the bus. Mr. Li saw the guide handing them out to everyone, and was really happy for the choice the guide made.

A guide another time saw Mr. Li asking people to quit the CCP. He told Mr. Li, "You should come with me to Taiwan. Imagine how many mainland tourists you could help quit the CCP in Taiwan!"

After Looking Inward, Vendors Changed

The vendors used to frequently beat practitioners at our tourist site. When practitioners got close to their booths while distributing truth clarification materials, the vendors shouted at them, and some even beat us. When practitioners were walking along with the tourists and were concentrating on talking about quitting the CCP, sometimes they weren't careful and entered the vendors' area by mistake.

It was a serious problem for Mr. Li too. Many tourists like to stand under the shady trees, but the peddlers refused to allow practitioners to get close. Once when Mr. Li walked into the shade to talk to tourists, a peddler stabbed him hard with an umbrella. Mr. Li looked inward. He thought that the vendors were angry because they felt their businesses were affected by us. They paid the rental fee for the booths so naturally they wanted to make more money.

After that incident, Mr. Li always greeted the peddlers warmly and often helped their business by recommending their goods to tourists. The peddlers' attitude changed dramatically. Mr. Li was allowed to go under the shade freely. Their attitudes toward other practitioners improved as well. One vendor even brought water and a coconut for Mr. Li to express his gratitude.

Mr. Li and his fellow practitioners paid attention to keeping the environment harmonious. They considered others first and treated everyone as someone to be saved. The tourist guides now treat the practitioners like friends. If the vendors saw informational materials that were dropped by the tourists, they would pick them up and return them to the practitioners. Once a practitioner went to a booth to buy a hat. The peddler said: "30 yuan for Falun Gong." The hat usually cost 40 to 50 yuan. The vendor who sells water only charged the practitioners 1.5 yuan which they usually sell for 2 yuan.

Practitioners also help others. They would remind tourists not to walk on driveways. They would also help to keep the order. When a guide was doing a head count, the practitioners kept their voices down in order to not disturb the guide. Through small things, people see that practitioners always consider others first.

Clarifying the Truth More Effectively When Acknowledging People's Interests

From years of "education" by the Chinese Communist Party, tourists from Mainland China have a strong sense of self-protection. They frequently threatened to beat practitioners or shouted "Go away". Mr. Li said we should keep a calm mind. When we cultivate well, an entire tour group will quit the CCP on the spot.

Tourists usually don't stay at a tourist site for very long. It's often only several minutes. Persuading them to quit the CCP within such a short time depends on the practitioners' cultivation level. Mr. Li talked about his experience: First, keep clarifying the truth non-stop. Do not stop. Dissolve the bad substance behind the person. Second and most importantly, you need to clarify the truth by going along with ordinary people’s attachments. Elderly people are concerned about health. You can talk from the point of having a long life. If it's a businessman, you can talk about making money. Let people know they will have good fortune when they make the right choice. It's easier for ordinary people to understand that way.

Master has removed many bad things and now clarifying the truth and quitting the CCP are much easier than before. Ordinary people’s attitude towards us has changed a lot. When one tourist understood the truth, he told Mr. Li, "The future of China depends on you people!" Some tourists said, "You're so powerful."As soon as some see practitioners, they shout, "Falun Dafa is good! Down with the CCP!" Some told us, "I visit the Epoch Times and Dynaweb often. I knew about quitting the CCP. I quit a long time ago." One tourist asked for Zhaun Falun after listening to the truth and said he would like to take the book home and study.

Eliminate the Old Forces and Follow the Path Master Arranged

Mr. Li said, “The old forces try everything to stop practitioners from saving people. They make you have thoughts on not going to the tourists sites. We should eradicate them. We should follow the path Master arranged for us, not the old forces.”

The interference would try to disturb you with symptoms of illness, such as having a sore throat, toothache, stomachache, foot pain, etc... Usually truth clarification requires a lot of walking since we follow tourists around. Mr. Li never stopped going because of his physical condition.

Mr. Li used to suffer from hemorrhoids and would get interfered with.. Mr. Li said that sometimes every step was painful, and sometimes the blood stained his pants. Even though you're being interferred with, you must insist on going. You cannot follow what evil arrangement. When his hemorrhoids were very serious, Mr. Li did not reduce how many times he went, instead, he increased them and the symptoms eventually disappeared.

Mr. Li often shares experiences and discusses with other practitioners how to awaken people more effectively. He has begun carrying small pieces of paper with information about scaling the Internet blockade. He said that many Chinese tourists didn't know that there was no Internet blockade overseas. He gives them information to get on the Epoch Times, Dynaweb and the Internet when they return to China.

Mr. Li and several practitioners at the tourist sites cultivate very diligently, and they also face difficulties in their own lives. They sometimes face many hardships, but their truth-clarification efforts are never delayed. They can hold up huge display boards every day for several hours. Many practitioners, young and old, come to the site to awaken people, rain or shine. When I see them, I feel deep respect.

Although practitioners tried hard, a group of tourists once returned to their bus without taking many materials. When the bus was about to leave, all three practitioners turned towards the bus and simultaneously raised their display boards very high. Tears rolled down on my face. How much we wish to save every person!

Finally, I would like to express my respect and gratitude to our Master. It's Master who shouldered everything, gave sentient beings opportunities to be saved, and gave Dafa disciples chances to fulfill their historic vows.